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Crowdability’s “Prime Profit Calendar”

Another pitch from Crowdability claiming outlindish 2840% profits per trade using their ”prime profit calendar system” Any idea what it is? It is based on a ”400 year old Dutch document”, any idea what this magical document could be? The pitch is described here: https://www.crowdability.com/article/417-year-old-document-holds-key-to-13233-profits#.XQrBJy2ZMnc

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On Early-Stage Playbook
Another thing I realized. When you get a pitch from Crowdability about some company about to moonshoot just go to the websites that specialize in these private offerings (Republic, Wefunder, Seedinvest, etc) and you will see whatever company they are pitch[...]
On Microblog: what is george gilder's moonshot stock using AI and crypto blockchain security?
Gilder's name brings back fond memories. In the 90's I did very well subscribing to his newsletter. Literally every stock pick of his would moonshot (Qualcomm, JDS Uniphase, Broadcom). Was it a function of him being correct about the underlying technology [...]
On Microblog: Crowdability's "Prime Profit Calendar"
During the presentation they also tease a big trade using their prime profit calendar. This company is being called "the real theranos" and apparently offers an at home blood testing kit that is up for FDA approval. Potential gain of 13,233% (!!) with this[...]
On Microblog: Option Rocket
I fell for the slick marketing and subscribed to Kyle Dennis' biotech stock picking service. It was useless because on such thinly floated stocks his picks would shoot the price up and I could never get in on the same price he could. In retrospect, it was [...]
On Can you really "Buy Lyft Stock Before the $23 Billion IPO?"
I pieced the clues together on that one. The company they are touting is Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPT)[...]
On Early-Stage Playbook
Majority of these will be losers simply because the large vc firms passed on these deeming them losers. I have yet to hear about 1 crowd funded company going to IPO or even being bought out at a massive payout.[...]
On Teased as "The Safest Way to Profit From The 'Marijuana Gold Rush'"
The thing that makes this investment potentially worth looking into is that Perceptive Advisors owns about 8.8 million shares, according to the latest 13G filing. Perceptive has a good track record.[...]
$APTO. CG'806 is going to get positive publicity at AACR on April 15 2018 with this abstract: http://www.abstractsonline.com/pp8/#!/4562/presentation/6546[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Good to know Roger. Never heard about her. Either the FDA has been hoodwinked and this company is essentially committing fraud or the shortsellers are just spreading confusion for their benefit.[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$PTI. I'm out with a small profit; just as you stated too risky in this environment. Don't know if FUD or legitimate, but who are you going to trust? The FDA who stringently reviews the data of every study or parasites like Kerrisdale? Also this blogger Ju[...]
So listened to APTO's presentation at the recent Roth conference. The CEO seems very confident the FDA hold on 253 will be lifted soon. He stated the manufacturing problem had been solved. I am ow APTO and now looking at option plays to take advantage of a[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$PTI - I follow her on twitter. She seems overly "concerned" about PTI. Are her concerns legitimate or is she she just a short trying to make a buck?[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Thanks for everyone's input. I added more to my $APTO position after going through Dr. Rice's presentation from the Roth conference on 3/13/18. 806 looks to be a game changer if everything pans out. Abbvie paid $21 billion to buy out Pharmacyclics just for[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$APTO, $AUPH. I am ow in both. If you had to buy just one of these two, which would you buy and why?[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$KSS Stocks. Sold off most of my $CWBR and $BLPH at modest gains. Just kept a few token shares so I'm incentivized to follow the story. $CWBR is a pre-clinical company so we are years away from a drug. $BLPH while it may get its drug approved, I don't want[...]
On Microblog: Discussion Page for Aurinia Pharmaceuticals ($AUPH)
I am long AUPH. I just wanted to hear about this patent concern. Never heard about it before.[...]
On Microblog: Discussion Page for Aurinia Pharmaceuticals ($AUPH)
I was reading some AUPH discussions on other forums and someone had mentioned that the patents are only valid until 2020. I'd never heard about this before. Are there any concerns about the patents?[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
Have the same feeling as you. Had so many biotech dogs while if I had just put the money to work in a basket of tech stocks I would have had growth with far less anxiety. Going forward am going to be far more discriminating when it comes to biotech investi[...]
On Microblog: Discussion Page for Aurinia Pharmaceuticals ($AUPH)
I am long AUPH. Very rarely can a stock in biotech be considered a "sure thing", but AUPH seems to be it. The stock seems to be languishing because there are just no news events and there will not be any until Phase 3 results come out. Can anyone make a be[...]
On Microblog: An open letter to Doctor KSS
I am done responding to you after this. My identity is not relevant to this discussion, just like any other customer of Stock Gumshoe's is not. KSS identity was relevant when we were all taking advice from him. I am not giving advice of any sort to anyone [...]

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