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LPG Gas shipping stocks

Any thoughts on a LPG transportation play considering the troubles with Russia and the European market for gas ? NVGS is one such stock. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1082621-8-shipping-companies-profiting-from-the-lng-boom here is an old seeking alpha article that lists a few of the major firms involved in this. I thought of this listening to NPR on the way to work […]

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On Kent Moors says "20% of the world’s supply of one of the most critical natural resources will disappear"
Anybody else having problems viewing these articles ? I am a lifetime member and it says so in my profile,but when I go to read an article it says I am not a member ?[...]
On Invisible Fiber and a "$150,000 windfall" from "Weird New Antennas" -- What's Jeff Brown at Bonner talking about?
There is a provider that uses WiFi for the majority of its service Republic Wireless. It does not use Cable TV box,but a real cheap way to stay in touch when you are overseas only 15 dollars a month. They also have a service called Relay that looks interes[...]
On "'Piggybacking' Switzerland's Social Security Program" for Monthly Checks of up to $3,204? What?
I just watched the movie the Big Short. Does it feel like 2008 all over again? Maybe I am just paranoid. I have a few hundred thousand I am looking to park in the safest smartest way possible if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.I wish I had the t[...]
On Friday File: Bitcoin, Volatile Week, Two Sells and a Buy
What is the best way to short bitcoin? Any ideas would be appreciated.[...]
On Revealed: "How to Lock In 201% on TV's Latest Commercial Phenom" (Bill Patalon's Private Briefing)
When and if the Fed hikes interest rates companies like JGW are sure to take a big hit don't you think ?[...]
On "End of Ebola... This Technology Has the Power to Halt ANY Pandemic in its Tracks"
Traverse city brings back memories of my old army days training national guard soldiers at Camp Grayling. One of my favorite spots I visited during my 20+ years in the military as long as its the spring or summer ! I guess buying the stock is not such a gr[...]
On The Finale is Grand: The Gain from Pain Mainly Explained
I hope the legendary lady is feeling better. My wife went through breast cancer treatment which was very painful. We are both wishing her a speedy recovery .[...]
On What is "The President's Private Stock Market" ... really?
Matt Frankel from Motley Fool has reduced his exposure to this stock. "Matt Frankel: I have been a Prospect Capital Corporation (PSEC) shareholder for some time now, but lately I have started to scale back my position a little bit. There are a couple of r[...]
On Jimmy Mengel's "Delta-9" -- is it "One Drug to End All Pain — Naturally?"
Marijuana is not without its harmful effects as Dr Gordon has pointed out however, it certainly no worse then alcohol or prescription pain killers. I don't smoke it myself,but I would rather live next door to a pot head then an alcoholic that beats his wi[...]
On Marijuana Millions: "The Kennedy Story You Were Never Told"
Until marijuana is legal in all fifty states it will be a speculative investment. Most of us have to work to pay are bills and a large segment of employers routinely drug test. No responsible person is going to risk their job just to get high when you can[...]
On June 7 "Urgent Profit Alert" from "Most Profitable Calendar"
Operating Margin (ttm): -555.76% . Does that number scare any of you ? I am not even close to being a hedge fund manager,but that is not the only negative number I am seeing checking out the key statistics on Yahoo finance. I guess Mr Klarmann knows somet[...]
On 2013 Turkey of the Year: Dry Holes in the Ocean
Happy Thanksgiving to Travis and everyone in the Gumshoe family ! I have learned more about investing here then anywhere else on the web thanks again.[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
I lived in Germany for several years while serving in the US Artillery. You can't even wash your car at home because they are worried about pollution. It is very hard to believe they will let anyone even utter the word hydrofracturing much less let them [...]
On LNG Shipping and Seed Streaming
I was reading Gaslog 's Key statistics on Yahoo finance and it seems the stock is a few dollars cheaper then its enterprise value . Am I correct or is my lack of experience really showing ?[...]
On "The Death of Batteries" to "Hand Early Investors Life-Changing Gains?"
Short % of Float (as of Jun 28, 2013) 42.20% I guess you were not kidding about that.[...]
On Bryan Perry's "#1 recommendation pays over 20%"
I noticed that both of their refineries are located in tornado country one in Coffeeville, KS and the other in Wynnewood, OK. Does anyone think this adds considerable risk ?[...]
On Guy Gottfried's Undervalued Energy Pick
Here is the link to Guy Gottfried's presentation. http://www.gurufocus.com/news/218431/guy-gottfried-presentation--may-6-2013-value-investing-congress Thanks Travis.[...]
On What's the "New Highway Being Built Across America" and the stock Ian Wyatt says could double "Very Soon?"
The bottom line is battery technology is not where it needs to be to make these cars a serious option .[...]
On "The Industrial Pioneer of India ... an unprecedented opportunity for growth."
I love the Irregulars Quick Take feature. If your impatient or busy buy an Irregular membership best deal on the net by far![...]
On "Canada's Golden Tollbooths" from Casey's Big Gold
http://www.stockpickr.com/5-toxic-stocks-sell-2013.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO FNV is mentioned in this article as one of five toxic stocks to sell in 2013. http://www.stockpickr.com/5-toxic-stocks-sell-2013.html?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO "We're[...]

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