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On Friday File: A New Pot (sorta) REIT, plus DocuSign earnings and more...
Travis- I had to dump a lot of stocks to pay down some debt. What few stocks would you pick to re-start a new play portfolio? Docusign looked like a good example. I have a stable base income from a pension, so really stocks for me are exactly like [...]
On Friday File: "Cryogenic Blood" plus a buy and some earnings updates
Thank you, pbrophy, for that detailed supplementary write up. I bought some long term stock. Travis is like a church of ex-ministers. It attracts a collection of really well-informed investors. I'm grateful every time I open it up. -Dave[...]
On Microblog: Ray Blanco's latest pitch about an imminent cure for Alzheimer's
Thanks fellows. I went back to find the January write up. I just couldn't believe he lifted some Travis verbiage and put it in a quote box (which was basically just the part agreeing that a cure would be huge... No duh.) Maybe it will ironically serve t[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Any updates now that spacex has launched satellites?[...]
On $7 a share: "Discover the Profit Power of This 'Tesla Clone'"
Maybe they're a good bet in the third world, but Albuquerque, New Mexico USA had to formally ditch BYD's electric busses from their flagship Federally funded transit project (Albuquerque Rapid Transit or ART) due to poor construction, broken features, AND [...]
On Friday File: Checking in on a "Smart" Fund
Thanks Travis for clarifying. It still confirms this is a bulwark mutual fund where you're concerned. I'm going to modify my Roth to put it in there. Thanks.[...]
On Friday File: Checking in on a "Smart" Fund
I loved reading about this fund. It has rattled in the back of my brain ever since. There's a lot of complaining about capitalism being broken (and socialism being the ..only.. answer) I rather think that like the answer to bad democracy so too is "more[...]
On Sleuthing Altucher's "Electronic Police" Pitch -- Gains Coming November 13?
I just laughed that James gives you a headache! Yes, he can be strategic, but otherwise is kind of a savant and the opposite of analytical and rational. Still, you might do OK at his stand up comedy club in NYC.[...]
On Navellier's "The World’s First Solar Monopoly"
It's not solar panels. The Installers have enjoyed rising profits and high labor rates due to subsidies, and as $ per watt of panels went down installation $ rose, but viability is based on monthly power bill vs. monthly loan payment. Installers have to[...]
On Is a Misperception Subduing Share Price at Aptose ($APTO)?
I read from top to bottom, but wasn't expecting to. It's because of fabulous formal communication. Travis was right to have you as a biotech adjunct. Who could write a tyrosine kinase battle like it's own vampire zombie movie, with good character devel[...]

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