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Any thoughts out there in Gumshoe world on Golar? The chart looks terrible and it has been pretty weak lately. Has the fundamental story changed with this company? Anyone know of the reasons behind the decline of this stock? I’m starting to look into it as a new addition in my portfolio once the bloodletting […]

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On Oil & Energy Insider
Like others on here I was offered a free trial of the service in exchange for a review. Hard to add much more to the previous reviews except to agree that though this service doesn't give you a model portfolio with buy,sell and hold updates it is packed w[...]
On Microblog: New Solar???
Pump and Dump alert! As someone in the solar industry(residential and commercial system designer), I can tell you the claims are rubbish. Windows are not generally in a prime location for direct sunlight - rooftops are. The amount of harvestable power comi[...]
On Pump 'em, Then Dump 'em: A Current Cautionary Tale
Thanks, Jim for a great article and that's one of the best responses to a derogatory attack I've seen. My hat's off to you sir![...]
On Pump 'em, Then Dump 'em: A Current Cautionary Tale
Finally Seeking Alpha starts acting on this situation! Good for them.... I remember falling victim to a "short and distort" campaign by a certain Alfred Little(a pseudonym) at the height of the Muddy Waters campaign of terror against Chinese companies. The[...]
On Pump 'em, Then Dump 'em: A Current Cautionary Tale
Thanks for sharing. I didn't know Agora was involved in any dubious stock pitches....[...]
On Doubling up on Hospitals
Hi Travis - I really like the idea of investing in a hospital REIT for the long term. Certainly much more than other commercial REITs. One question though is what are the risks if interest rates resume their upward trend? cheers, david[...]
On Microblog: Shorting Japan
I have liked shorting the Yen against a basket of currencies via FXY. FXY LEAPS? Anyone know what the what the weightings are in this ETF? Lately I prefer buying USD.YEN straight forex preferring to be nimble. Currently waiting on the sidelines. I was watc[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — The ABC's of Gold Investing
Hi Myron, Thankyou for taking the time for such a detailed response. I don't think I could manage more than 2 conferences a year either! About Pretium it was put out there as a speculative pick by Louis James(of course) and, as such, a risky play. I[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — The ABC's of Gold Investing
Hi Myron, Thanks again for your highly detailed articles, brimming with investment ideas! I have just returned from the New Orleans Investment conference overloaded with information gleaned from some of the companies and speakers presenting there. It wa[...]
On Microblog: What is your deciding factors when it comes to selling?
Good question, John! I find it very hard myself. This year I have been selling too early on quite a few stocks and have had to watch them soar afterwards. I even made the dreaded mistake of trying to time the market and missing the boat on other ideas and [...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
People fading the hype...... ? Looks like a bit of interest into the close though. Up 3.77% @1.10CAD . I just missed my sell limit to take my original stake and let the profits ride last week - Oh well, maybe tomorrow?[...]
On Global Investing
Like Jonathan's previous review below, I also had the privilege of being able to "test drive" her service for free for 3 months to help get the word out. It's hard to add much to the previous review as I agree with it overall. The following are my own view[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
I've received 2 email promos now from John Mauldin and seen this heavily promoted elsewhere. Casey Team are really pushing this one hard. I guess they have to resurrect the lousy Casey Energy report after such a terrible last few years. When was the last t[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Focus on Silver
Thank you once again Myron for an information packed post! Just a quick question - what are your latest thoughts on Turquoise hill resources and Mongolia generally? I'm also looking into Avrupa that you recommended before. Any updates on this one too?[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
Though the stock briefly touched 63 cents post the Sept 16th announcement it hasn't looked back since. Those who missed that dip must be sweating now. Still there's time I suppose before this story changes materially and plenty of chance for more volatilit[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
If I'm not mistaken Casey funds have money in the stock also....[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
ps as an aside the Casey team must have a high conviction on this one to tease it so aggressively. Trying to get CER a better reputation?[...]
On Update: Casey's "Lawyers canceled our trip to a secret oil drilling site"
Well done Travis and the mighty thinkolator! There seemed so little to go on to crack this tease but you did it.! I am not a big fan of CER after being a subscriber from 2010 to 2012(you can see my review to the right!) and this tease irked me a little by [...]
On Microblog: GOLAR(GLNG)
Thanks for chiming in Travis. I'll await your recommendations in the future on how to play the aforementioned trend in LNG. I take it then that you see it as a HOLD rather than a BUY at these levels? I have kept GLNG on my watch list and ended up dipping m[...]
On Microblog: Biozoom
This writer from SA seems to be very good with his calls since I started following him 8 months ago. He seems to research his ideas very thoroughly and he's very negative on Biozoom. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1517382-biozoom-current-shareholders-like[...]

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