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This week Oxford Club announced the greatest return available by the stock picking winner Eric Fry. They announced new service for $1999.00 and year at a 50% discount of the usual $4000.00 fee to get the latest and greatest. You were supposed to get (implied by the ad) 3 selection examples that prove his phase […]

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On Cabot's "Insurance Disruptor" revisited
How is this different than a company the buys and owns high performing insurance companies like Brown & Brown? Brown & Brown has been a steady upward stock company on the exchanges for over 20 years and has been very dependable. While the proposed compan[...]
On Lichtenfeld's FinTech "Hand You 859% Gains in a Year" Stock
I've been an Oxford Club member for at least 15 years. A fund owner, which I manage the fund, wanted to join his Lightening Trend and the presentation had a short term refund of the about $1,800.00 required to join. His video was well done and gave the v[...]
On "If I had to pick one stock.... World’s No. 1 Stock When Gold Booms" teased by Dan Ferris
I suppose I should pass on commenting about Stansberry's ability on stock recommendations. I remember when I first read his offerings he compared his recommendations like picking change vehicles similar to the time railroads replaced the pony express. One[...]
On McCall's "World's First $1 Million Stock" Teaser... Answered
Travis, your common sense approach is worth a 1,000 % imaginary gains on that perfect get rich stock. Recently a long time promoter that works for a company on the Vancouver exchange where I have lost thousands in prior years finally hit it big. Over 2-3[...]
On What's the "Jupiter Engine" Being Teased by the Oxford Club?
As a member of the Oxford Club for over a decade it is apparent to me that greed has overtaken service by the fabulous revenue of writers of letters promising more than they deliver. To be fair in the past some of their recommendations were worth pursuing[...]
On Skousen's "must have" cancer killer stock... and it's "one of the world's oldest, publicly traded companies"
Well Skousen's latest find must still be undiscovered by his readers as it is well down in the market yet today. KEYTRUDA has significant side effects as reported by Merck. It did have a large uptick about the 4th of November. Travis, do you have anythin[...]
On Friday File: Brexit Thoughts and a few nibbles
I think the US stock exchanges should turn positive. When I have no clue but would appreciate other opinions. I would expect US banks for example to pick up addition business loans that EUC banks may not be able to do. Our dollar has been stronger than[...]
On Agora's 11-second "not safe for work" video... "How You’ll Have Dinner with Shakespeare… Speak Any Language… Know Everything… And Live Forever!"
With any of my wisdom for foresight absent from all the above analysis, my only relevant comment would simply be "WOW" and "Thanks" for the discussion. I have donated so much tuition money to the tech revolution getting in when best out and out when best [...]
On Energy Advantage teases: "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil... This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses."
I suggest you log on to a trade web site an look at the news, earnings report and the quarterly losses for the past two years. It is an immediate red flag when affiliates report potential bankruptcy. Your first loss is your best loss, is the frequent advi[...]
On Energy Advantage teases: "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil... This amazing breakthrough transforms seemingly worthless pieces of land around the world into energy-producing powerhouses."
Thank you Travis for your continued practice of exposing the all hype start ups that will make you a better winner than a winning lottery ticket. I get at least one of the monster winner fliers each week and every time I run them through a fundamental anal[...]
On "Introducing My #1 Forever Stock for 2016" (Blue Chip Gems)
I have not assessed Donald Trump's temperament nor his wisdom in attacking Macys should he decided to do so. Macys is not just a New York institution so I think Trump's attempt would likely fail in the event Macys proves they can improve their performance[...]
On Will February Bring a Swing Trade in Regulus ($RGLS)?
So many options of experimental efforts, so few choices that can expect success with an investment. Great review of the efforts of many well trained minds and Drug Company efforts. You have an "amazed reader."[...]
On Charles Payne's “One stock to buy and hold FOREVER!”
Travis, my comments about your news letters that critique news letters is like, "A refreshing breeze to a stranded traveler on a desert island." I have spent thousands of dollars on news letters. Most if not all impress the reader that they have found th[...]
On Oxford Income's "This business could be the most profitable I’ve ever seen."
Travis, thanks for your valuable review of the pitch which I received via my Oxford subscription sales pitch just 2 days ago.[...]
On Oxford Income's "This business could be the most profitable I’ve ever seen."
Butitom, your comments and reasons as an angry investor are well detailed. Have in this current market any stock investment made positive sense to you. The lack of investors in the stock market (small investor) has been apparent for a long period of time[...]
On What's the "Miracle on Mount Ararat" Drug?
All these news letters that purport to have found the latest and greatest solution to some problem that is about to rocket some stock into an outer space orbit and take you along for a ride equal to a power ball lottery ticket, border on scam and have reli[...]
On "'Sky-Fi' -- Silicon Valley's $2.2 Trillion Breakthrough Bigger Than The Internet As We Know It"
Thanks again Travis for your research on QCOM. Did you also write about the get rich stock touted by David Gardner and the Apple play? I didn't notice it as of yet, though this be a second go around.[...]
On "Breakthrough Defense Technology -- MIT Scientists Hail It As 'The End of Disability'"
Thanks, Travis. I have lost tons in the past on these "We will be some day since we have the best story company" and am all most completely out. MEI did well until their last miss Q and may return to a high growth revenue company, though I cannot call t[...]
On Navellier says "I've Broken All My Rules and Fallen in Love with This Stock"
MEI was mentioned on this board perhaps a year or more ago in the comment section. I have invested both in the stock and sold contracts as well as followed its earnings reports. I expect it to do well for several more quarters, subject to some market jit[...]
On "Bill Gates' Next Big Bet" Robotics Stocks teased by Technology and Opportunity
I think I will invent a robotic stock winner selector and offer the info to two or three newsletter gurus to promote. If I own the shell I will retire with multimillions in a matter of months of two successful picks. On the other hand, may be I will just[...]

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