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On "Retire on one $4 stock?" Profits Run teases this is "like buying Berkshire Hathaway back in 1967!"
Wasn't this the guy who said you could trade options a while back and be a millionaire like Buffet?[...]
On Navellier's "Stock of the Century"
Paul Mamphilly also use THE STOCK OF THE CENTURY tease headline is that Lithium as well? I can't seem to find any info on what he is touting[...]
On Friday File: Tesla, Facebook, India and Marijuana... Disjointed Thoughts Following a Disruptive Week
Are you referring to The president of the United States? If so your disrespect for the office is not particularly welcome. there are people from all sides of the political spectrum here. Be an adult[...]
On Microblog: Extreme fortune email this morning. Does anyone know this stock?
I don't purchase newsletters when travis tell us what it is for the price of one membership.[...]
On Microblog: Stansberry Research "ID COIN"
It has to be a stock or eft because it says you can buy it in your trading account. TRAVIS can you hear us?.......................................................................................ID ID COIN for us please[...]
On Microblog: Stansberry Research "ID COIN"
I sure would like to hear Travis skills getting this name. I have a feeling it is the Blockchain in some form like Ripple but a new one that he is pumping[...]
On Three "Blockchain Breakout Stars"
I think they have been getting pressure to add RIPPLE. My instincts are exactly ZERO guessing what they will do., I believe they are mostly interested in Ethereum and Bitcoin and its drop downs. Playing it safe but those are #1 & #2 why would hey avoid # 3[...]
On Friday File: What Will 2018 Bring?
I am so saddened to see pot legalized. Everyone in my age group grew up in the 60's and think it is fine. I don't not for moral reasons but Inever growing up in that Era saw many with any ambition. They mostly were losers later in life. It is also a gatewa[...]
On Three "Blockchain Breakout Stars"
Just google Crpto coin exchanges there are a few good one. Many are junk. I found when I bought ETH on Coin base it was a very hard set up and harder to get my money out fast[...]
On Three "Blockchain Breakout Stars"
It did soar I paid $.18 it is now $2.30[...]
On Three "Blockchain Breakout Stars"
I bought it through my friend who is also my broker[...]
On "Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History" from Paul Mampilly
Don't Hesitate because Travis is the best in the business. Why buy all these letter when all you need is the tease that Travis figures out for us. Isn't investing our decision ultimately?[...]
On "Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History" from Paul Mampilly
Ever since I found Travis I have ZERO interest in other people's newsletters. Travis is the BEST why buy the chicken when the eggs are cheap? LOL not free I have a paid account here and only here. Although George Schneider at Seeking Alpha is pretty straig[...]
On "Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History" from Paul Mampilly
I think most of his teases are a bit shall we say Euphoric? his subscribers seem to be making money anyone here subscribe? I'd like to know your results[...]
On Second Chance at "Pot Stock Mania?"
the problem with legalization IF you are A pothead is they make it too expensive. My neighbor has Rheumatoid Arthritis ALWAYS in pain, so he grows his own. He's also not able to communicate for most of the day. It isn't just a rec drug it is a powerful dru[...]
On Second Chance at "Pot Stock Mania?"
Aw just grab a J and chill LOL sorry I was a child of the 60's (-:[...]
On What's the "Tiny $6 Million Company" with a "Stunning Patent Verdict?"
I am not being sarcastic here but anyone that needs a "MAP" from Travis to not send Money Map Press should have someone hold onto that $1950 for you LOL Just kidding[...]
On Microblog: Submit New Teaser
Can you look at Bretts new tease for the name of the company he says has the entire Connected electronics devices?[...]
On Friday File: Stephen Leeb's "$20,000 Gold" Pick, plus Three Sells and a Buy in my Real Money Portfolio
Wins and losses part of life it seems.[...]
On OilPrice say "This $10 Stock Will Unleash the Greatest Leap in the History of Energy..."
Solar is not "there" yet and I doubt in the near future that these companies will be nothing but pits to invest oin[...]

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