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New Agora $2000 product for “Firth Dimention of Warfare” this link is from promo I received for new ”service” that promises to find the little companies that will perform ”stuxnet” like feats and grow, grow, grow. Of course Jim Rickards, flaunting his well-work CIA credentials, is half the partnership producing this. I have to wonder about credibility of any text like this that […]


I just read the most head-spinning teaser ever from Agora. Makes Alice in Wonderland seem like a business plan. The idea is Trump will do something to liberate the trillions of US corporate dollars sitting overseas to avoid taxes. The new Alpha Extreme, for only $550, will tell you the stock or stocks to buy […]

“WSSA” gives magic dates for buys

This one came from Agora, run by the same family behind Stansberry Finance. It will tell you how to make a fortune off little known SEC filings that portend great stock performance ahead. Apparently there is some kind of filing that must be made when some kind of action is anticipated. And whatever that is, […]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"
It bothers me that his hair always looks kind of greasy. Too long, and greasy. Just doesn't inspire confidence.[...]
On Can you really earn $6,880 from a "little-known Social Security contract?"
This pitch for Agora's $79 "Lifetime Income Report" -- presumably foreplay for later and greater spending -- strikes me as the meanest and most dangerous phony-baloney to turn up in a while.. What makes it especially offensive is the population it a[...]
On Can you really "Retire Early From the Death of Monsanto?"
While Monsanto's legal tactics on GMOs are revolting, while its soybean GMO allows use of herbicides that taint our foods, and while its corn GMO generates pesticides internally that may end up in your tummy or that of your pigs , the company's stock exhi[...]
On Identifying Lashmet's December 31, 2017 medical breakthrough: "Radical treatment that could treat 1 in 2 of all cancer patients"
I have read that a lot of the immunotherapies have had fairly unpleasant side effects. A bit over 40% I believe. Especially touching off auto-immune diseases. Though between rheumatoid arthritis and death R.A. has to look pretty good.[...]
On "Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History" from Paul Mampilly
I just saw the same STM pitch and got the same $47 offer -- 22 November, 2017. About the price of a modest dinner in Manhattan.[...]
On Profits Unlimited's "$7 Tech Stock" and the "strange industry expected to surge 8,000%"
Tomorrow is our annual Indian Displacement Day. We celebrate when your nutty puritan Protestants came over and mowed down those Indians who did not first die from exposure to small pox and measles. Nasty guerrilla warfare with a lot of scalping and that so[...]
On Profits Unlimited's "$7 Tech Stock" and the "strange industry expected to surge 8,000%"
Doesn't Bosch make all those European dishwashers and washing machines that take 2 1?2 hours to clean anything because they are ever so eco-friendly?[...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light
By the way, y'all, my PA tells me that CVS has decided they now have the right not to sell you pain medicine. They have declared a maximum of, I think, 90 morphine equivalent per day -- that would be 3 of 10-325 oxycodone, not the 4 tablets one reader ment[...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light
jbnaples, the prednisone will reduce your immune function on top of whatever reduction your transplant anti-rejection medicine is doing. This is a very serious matter. 10-325 impacts the immune system negatively, but nothing like steroids. Also prednisone [...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light
Perhaps "backoffice" meant that Oxycodone is prohibitive for addicts to buy on the black market. That would match what I read. For addicts and pain patients alike heroin can be a lot cheaper when you factor in the cost of doctors to prescribe it each and e[...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Abuse: Glimmers of Light
We're supposed to commit suicide; that's what the politicians and regulators are aiming for in drastically cutting doses and making people jump through hoops for prescriptions. In the past two months someone -- presumably with access to the state computer [...]
On Pain Management Versus Opioid Addiction: A Troubling Quandary
My dear Javi, what is truly important is that Dr. Thomas Frieden's last minute launch of a campaign agains pain patients begun with recommendations from a secret panel stuffed with rehab interests, accomplished his goal of finding a glorious new job. Previ[...]
On Friday File: "Why This Big Data Company is Set to Jump on Earnings Again"... plus Increases to Two Stubborn Positions
"...First Mining is a better investment today than it was a month ago when Stansberry teased it, despite the fact....." Despite??? I know you know better Travis. Because, old chap, because!!! Unless something has changed that we ha[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
Dr. KSS' articles are so well written and so interesting he could sub for Groopman in the New Yorker. The point is learning for its own sake, which will serve you well in the long run. Looking at one possible trade out of thousands of days in life for unde[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
The first author is listed as being a prof. of marketing at U. Penn; his interest is primarily "neuroscience" i.e. linking biology to financial behavior. I don't think the piece is meant to dump on gentlemen -- more to discern behavior on trading desks whi[...]
On Tom Dyson's "Bit Shares" that turned every $100 into $1,400
The nasty thing about Coinbase is that they just closed my account for no reason and trapped $250 in it. The upfront cost -- in time or money -- to get a wallet to transfer that into, assuming Coinbase is on the up and up about saying I can get the money o[...]
On Tom Dyson's "Bit Shares" that turned every $100 into $1,400
All is not quite so rosy in the world of cryptocurrency buying, holding, spending and selling. Coinbase is being enthusiastically investigated by in its quest to locate money launderers, terrorists and tax cheats. This has an unfortunate side ef[...]
On "Three Tiny Pot Stocks to Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement"
Israelis reportedly working to produce non-intoxicating medical marijuana product.[...]
On "Three Tiny Pot Stocks to Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement"
I've been getting little publicity bursts of pot stock enthusiasm from the Bonner folk. None from the Stansberry side. The commodity grows everywhere easily, so you would eventually have to design a monopoly or semi-monopoly to make money. Ergo, brands, as[...]
On Lichtenfeld's Alzheimer's Disease "Genius Molecule Discovery"
Somewhere I saw a video pitch of dumb mice versus mice smartened up with a new-fangled molecule completing mazes up at UCSF. This is supposed to get some special approval from FDA in March. Shareholders would live happily ever after, but I'll bet the mice [...]

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