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I have a large position in PYR. A Canadian tech / industrial company with some promising developments in 3D printing / additive manufacturing, Metal processing, waste to energy and core plasma torch technology. Travis, have you ever looked at this company? This looks like a breakout year to me. My Initial share price was .18 […]

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On Fool's "Small-cap Canadian stock is about to 'catch on fire' as it takes on The Trade Desk..."

I bought acuity at .80 before MF SAC Canada mentioned it...I was actually surprised they recommended a stock I purchased a few months previoysly... it has certainly done well since the MF rec. I have been A MF Canada member for 5 years now... for my exper[...]

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On Blanco teases: "Does This Tiny $2 Company Have The Key To Tesla’s Million-Mile Battery?"

My money is on HPQ. They are set to produce large quantities of silicon nano powders and silicon nano wires for the battery industry. They have a patented process to convert high quality quartz into high purity silicon metal in one step with their gen 3 p[...]

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On Friday File: Music Royalties, Swedish Betting and Gold Speculation

about a year ago I mentioned Pyrogenisis, PYR on the Toronto Venture exchange. I started buying this stock in 2013 because of my interest in plasma, waste to energy etc. This year it has gone from $0.19 to $3.60 today based on recent developments in iron p[...]

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On What's Mampilly's "1 Pot Company" with revenue "expected to surge 3,988%?"

I bought Namaste at .18 during their first month of trading on the CSE back a few years and have a substantial position. I still think this will do well going forward in spite of the current problems and controversial actions of Sean Dollinger. I am looki[...]

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On Microblog: How to buy pot stock on Canadian Stock Exchange and OTC Stocks?

Hi Sandra. I am fairly heavily invested in pot stocks and have been since 2014. Last fall I divested most Canadian focused stocks and started buying USA focused stocks. I bought large positions in TRUL eave, MedMen, Harvest, Acreage, ( my favourite), TGIF[...]

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On Thinkolating on the "Tesla Killer" -- what's the "Breakthrough 'Quantum Glass' Battery"

My money ( when they go public), is on Ionic materials. I have been following them as much as possible over the last couple of years. So far I think their polymer ,solid as opposed to liquid, lithium batteries are the most feasible. Hyundai seems to think[...]

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