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On IPOs that are "Like Buying Apple in 1981?"
Some guidance on investing in companies after they have newly become publicly traded may be found at the following link. I was interested in Anaplan that became publicly traded earlier this week on the[...]
On "Charged Ore" and "the tiny $1 stock with a monopoly on America’s ONLY domestic source of this metal"
There's lots of pie in the sky.....[...]
On Oxford Club's "‘The Greatest Investment of All Time’: Collect 212% Instantly, Plus 25.7% Yields."
I usually start at the end of a presentationo and scroll backwards. The meat is usually at the end.[...]
On Warrants, Sprott, Markel and some Personal Trades -- a Friday File Hodgepodge
Travis, Have you reviewed or examined Stone Ridge reinsurance , SSRIX? A new kid on the block?[...]
On Navellier's Growth Investor
I haven't subscribed, but I got a teaser from Navellier today about 25 stocks he claims will double in 2017. He mentioned two: Cognex (CGNX) and Installed Business Products (IBP). Gives them both an A rating. To learn the others, you have to buy his new[...]
On Quickster: T2 Biosystems ($TTOO)
Looks like a winner in another year or so.[...]
On Yet More Miracle Cures From On High
I'm starting my 91st year on the planet. I am very skeptical of supplements that are recommended on the basis that they were handed down from "on high" or derived from secret passages in the Bible. I have been taking supplements recommended by Dr. Sinatr[...]
On Friday File: "Greatest Innovation in History" solved, plus a new fund holding
Sounds like a good plan. However, I would change the last two words to: Trump must GO....Away![...]
On Friday File -- CRIUF, MPW, AAPL and more.
Thanks for informing us about Steve Jobs destroying the world. I did NOT know that.[...]
On "The Greatest Leap of Mankind... Unlimited FREE Energy" (Dr. Kent Moors' Picks Revealed)
If you are considering SUNE as an investment, best wait until things settle down. If you are a trader and like volatile stocks, different story. Check out this article:[...]
On "The Greatest Leap of Mankind... Unlimited FREE Energy" (Dr. Kent Moors' Picks Revealed)
Maybe they think if you hang in for the whole presentation, you'll buy because you've already invested a lot of energy in hearing them out.[...]
On "The Greatest Leap of Mankind... Unlimited FREE Energy" (Dr. Kent Moors' Picks Revealed)
Some people seem to think they need to shout to be heard. Donald Trump, for example.[...]
On "This New International Shale Play Could Be the NEXT BAKKEN" (Schaefer's Kerogen Tease)
I applaud Travis for not responding to the bickering and negative comments. Please keep on doing the great job you are doing and continue to allow the free flow of comments from professionals and non-professionals. Makes for an interesting forum. We all[...]
On Wyatt's "I’ve found a way to get into a company worth $3.5 billion… For less than $4 a share."
Check out Upstart re high interest investment regarding student loans.. Is this a scam?[...]
On "Biotech Scientists Discover 'Magic' Keys to Immortality" ("Dr. Allen's ... RNA Interference Revolution: Your Ticket to Centuries of Health and Wealth")
I think Al Sears' research and recommendations make sense. I subscribe to his newsletter, but have never bought his promoted products. Worth a look: As for vitamins/minerals purchases, I buy from and drsinatra[...]
On Nova-X Report's "How To Live Forever"
For a little history on the search for the Fountain of Youth, check this out: Seems some never tire of the search for eternal youth.[...]
On What's "Ruby-A?" Explaining: "FDA Approves Miracle Powder, Cancer's Kryptonite" teased by Robert Williams
I drink tea without any sweetener. Have tried it with Stevia, bu don't care for the taste. As a matter of fact, here is my formula. Suits me, but you probably won't like it: Microwave a cup of water 1 min. 40 sec.; add a bag of green tea and swish it [...]
On Casey's "7 Top Gold Stocks with Vertical Potential"
Maybe the future of gold is too speculative to consider seriously at this point. Perhaps copper or silver or other metals that have industrial value would be worth more serious consideration.[...]
On Revealed: "Top 3 Stocks For the Small Cap Surge!"
I've been using Personal Capital every day for more than a year. I agree it is a great way to check all your investments and changes in net worth in one location in a few minutes each day after market closes. A very neat and FREE program.[...]
On "One Device to End All Disease ... And It Costs Less Than $50"
Personally, I favor stocks that have a 6 month upward trend and good balance sheets. All else to me is more of a gamble than I am willing to take. Turtle vs. rabbit. Not into get rich quick schemes and promotions.[...]

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