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These two items are not related and that in itself seems a positive for ETF Optimizer. They claim they have a sale going on and that they have impressive returns. I tried reading the main front web page and got totally confused. I think there are 6 portfolios which includes 1 of them all. Maybe. […]

So I watched the promo video for this service presented by Ross Givens, whose name comes up more than once here. He is marketing his program through Market Traders Daily. I think the worse part of signing up for this service is the amount of promotional material you will receive for at least as many […]

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On Microblog: Marc Chaikin - The Power Gauge Report

This is my feeling about most newsletters. But I keep trying.[...]

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On Friday File: Another Shopping List Item, a Boring Buy, and some general updates

I've tried 2 online grocery shopping attempts. I like the idea, but maybe at my age I don't buy enough groceries? One in Las Vegas with I believe Safeway. I figured out that I could buy groceries for my aging mother and have them delivered to her apartm[...]

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On "Become one of 250 Partners in a VC Firm"

Well, that 612 times you saved me.[...]

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On Explaining "770 Accounts" and Palm Beach's "How to Fund Your Own Worry-Free, 100% Tax-Free Retirement."

My wife and I have 'whole life' type policies that we added to our portfolio about 30 years ago. They never impressed me as a great idea, but solved my need for insurance and we were directed by a family member. So we were an easy sell. I set all divid[...]

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