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I’ve seen several teases over the past few months about ” Canadian Social Security” – of course one must subscribe to get the details, ”limited membership openings”, etc. ( Does ” limited” mean to the number of subscribers they can get to sign up sign up , like the ”Limited Collectors Edition” stuff as seen […]

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On Chris Mayer's Focus

Years ago I subscribed to one of Chris Mayers newsletters. several of his recommendations made me some money, but some lost out badly in 2008, and have never recovered. One, in particular, dropped so far, so fast, that it would cost me almost as much to p[...]

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On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains

I have subscribed to a service that provides access to Dr.Moors spiels in the past....hold on to your wallet- stock he has touted have cost me a bit- definitely a net LOSS - he should go into politics where he'd fit right in.[...]

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On "Assassin's Mace" and China's Master Plan for the South China Sea

From what I have seen of Dr. Moors picks over the past several years, he is at least as full of BS as that guy that "invented the Internet" and preaches about how we little people must cut our emissions to stop "Global Warming", while flying in private jet[...]

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