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On "Reagan Gold" Plays, part two
ARNGF, PAAS, BCEKF, SSRI, SVMLF, FFMGF, GGTCF, and BRIZF are superbly priced,although DXY broke 101.45, and thus appears to be headed to 110 and this would mean sitting tight and waiting for the lows of 2015 to return before getting in... In meantime, GO [...]
On "The Reason Why the World’s #1 Stock Picker Just Came Out of Retirement"
He has recc'd a couple DOGS. Potash Ridge (POTRF) is down ~36% when he recc'd it ~13 weeks ago, and American Lithium (AMLM), which for the VERY FIRST TIME since he recc'd it 10 weeks ago, it broke above 5 cents to $0.0575...[...]
On "The Reason Why the World’s #1 Stock Picker Just Came Out of Retirement"
Ross Beaty bought $2M PP in K92.[...]
On Casey's "7 Top Gold Stocks with Vertical Potential"
@HendrixNuzzles I know Bear Creek (BCEKF) is a solid silver play if you're looking to spend just $1.25-$1.40 but has increased production and w/offsets, is profitable at $15 AG. I know a lot more about Brazil Resources (BRIZF). It's CEO is the same CEO [...]
On February Idea of the Month: Love Snow
Thanks for informing me of PLOW. I think the best exposure you can make re: equities right now are in TELECOMS, AIRLINERS, TECH, DEFENSE, AND HEALTH CARE-NAMELY DRUGS. Dr. Reddy, out of India (RDY) and WuXi Pharmatech of China (WX) are both picking up st[...]
On Microblog: Submit New Teaser
On Microblog: Hodges' latest gold stock tout
Nick Hodge touted Tinka (TKRFF) as a billion dollar play on silver from 2012 thru 2013, with his video of the "currently" sub $1.00, located in the heart of.Peru with bonanza grade silver at minimum is worth $100M, but due to his extensive boots on the gro[...]
On Alex Green's "Next Golden Cross" to hit August 29?
This hedge Fund is now the second largest Hedge Fund in America, thanks to their 31 year old real life wolf of Wall street, Jimmy Levin. He made what is widely known as the best bet on Wall Street in FYE2012 when he bet $5.Bn on restructured debt and made[...]
On Microblog: Gold and Silver Trader
JNUG and NUGT were divulged in his 100 minute webinar. SLW is probably the best play on Miners, lb. for lb. if you believe Silver will outperform Gold, which they have actually entered the AU streaming bailiwick. Or, if you believe Gold and Platinum and[...]
On "Who Really Killed President Kennedy?"
I agree. Silver has the most upside based on it's absurdly cheap price today at $21.10 and given the idea that I believe we will soon find out that QE dollars are near WORTHLESS, the London 'Fix' is over and with over 10,000 industrial uses and counting, [...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Anniversary Musings, Celebrating Winners
Forgot to mention Deutche Bank[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Anniversary Musings, Celebrating Winners
Myron, thanks for your invaluable service. I'm always hoping when I check this site and haven't heard from you in a while that lone behold, a fresh new musing from Myron is in effect. Can't wait to see your new TOP 30 list, ESPECIALLY SINCE WE HAVE NOW E[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
what does log mean?[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Contrast in Gold Miners
Hey Myron, thanks for the info. I had no idea about OceanaGold! THANK YOU Sir!! I knew (MUX) had phenomenal DNA. Can you tell me why Continental Gold (CGOOF) seems like it might be one of the last GIANT Gold Mines in South America ready for production [...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Agriculture Is Where It's At
Myron, Thanks for the info-as always-the pleasure was mine. I can tell you that Adeconagro S.A. (AGRO) is a stock I bought 600 shares of about 18 months ago when I heard George Soros was heavily investing and on board and because it was a large piece of [...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Spring Focus on Agricultural Stocks
Hey Myron, I know this is a bit off topic, but you were a huge proponent of Detour Gold (DRGDF) back when it was about $4.50-$5.00 a share and strongly recommended buying shares of it at such a low price. Despite the HAMMERING that Gold & Silver, particul[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Ending the Month on Three High Notes
stick bidding-stink bidding[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Ending the Month on Three High Notes
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — Ending the Month on Three High Notes
Thanks as always for your prescient calls and surely time consuming dedication... I copped 1000 shares of Brazil Resources when it was at $.60 last week and appreciate the supremely quick $230 return... I read your column basically pointing to Balmoral ([...]
On Microblog: Byron King: Turn $1,000 into $550,000
What are the 4 drone/laser companies?? Aerovironment (AVAV) for drone and the fibrous Laser company IPGP... Both are phenomenal plays, but can u tell me the other two....[...]

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