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Happy birthday Travis! I too just celebrated and turned 50 on August 8th. A square root day (8-8-64) Maybe that explains why I’m a left handed, dyslectic, diagnosed hyperactive, irregular! I just read your article on energy harvesting/ storage mention of GTAT in Mesa AZ. A stock I own for the past 7 mo. I […]

Hi Travis, I would really welcome any thoughts or comments regarding GT Advanced (GTAT) I’m soon heading to Mesa to work on the project. I am a new construction start up technician for HVAC and It will be interesting to be so close to the inner workings . I see a recent pull back but […]

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On "Easily Make $104,000" from "Chaos in the Global Shipping Markets on January 1, 2020"

Thanks Travis, It seams to me the most obvious thing, is that an international regulation of this magnatude will simply be extended and then woops, there goes the urgency!![...]

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On "Secret Permian Profits" teased by Keith Kohl

Thanks Travis, It's ALWAYS money well spent to be patient and wait for the ol' Think-a-lator to get the gears turning and the oil temp up to speed![...]

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On Microblog: A Major Turning Point on the Horizon?

Both Rubicon and Detour are part of John Dooty's top ten. (currently 9 with the tenth in cash). The correction is coming very soon with China taking over the gold standard as announced on Yahoo news. Many factors are in play before the end of the year and[...]

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On What a Year!

In one word, Stellar! (SBOTF) Merry Christmas everyone and a very happy and prosperous new year![...]

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On "The Secret Metal (Better than Gold) that Could Add a Zero to Your Net Worth"

As an aside, If you're "hanging your hat" on the end of the M to M agreement w/ Russia, then why did Sigma Labs ( http://sigmalabsinc.com/index.php?mact=News,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=87&cntnt01origid=77&cntnt01returnid=59) press release they're r[...]

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On What are those "Movable Pipelines" that might hand us "a small fortune?"

Hey everyone! I'm "new to the shoe" and love it all so my here's my first 2 cents worth, If your really interested in floating and movable or fixed pipeline plays, just invest and hold long term a power player like Quanta (PWR). I like there 3 year chart[...]

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