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Jeff Brown says of his #1 recommendation for Apple’s new “Super-Cycle” is a company whose CEO was a Purdue alum with a graduate degree from MIT. Anyone know who this is? I’ve already identified some of the companies in this teaser as Finisar (FNSR), Corning, and perhaps QCOM (Jeff’s old company), LG and CrowdStrike as […]

Forgive me if this one has already been discussed, and somehow I missed it. But I’d love to know who Tesla’s Secret Supplier is, and how that contributes to Tesla’s Shared Autonomous Vehicle program, and what the Mystery Stock is. I didn’t see it in the Search findings.

Got this from Jason Moser of Motley “This company may be a recent IPO, but it’s already wowed me enough to win entry into Next Gen Supercycle: Is on track for 40% revenue growth in 2020 but the future may be even more bright because… This company has a 60% market share in AR – […]

James West is promising a new “Sky-Fi” technology using reusable rockets (a la Musk) and the FCC’s new approval for 1 million new Starlink Antennæ. He says it will make 5G obsolete as early as this January. He’s teasing 4 new stocks that go with it. Any ideas? Tease Site: https://secure.wealthpress.com/sf/jy_disruptor/?step=vsl

Motley says that a tiny Pennsylvania company is making the essential part of the new iPhone, for which some billionaires are quietly buying as much as $91billion in Apple stock. See link: https://www.fool.com/ext-content/under-the-radar-stock-could-soar-with-release-of-a/?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=5gsa-supercycle&aid=9467&paid=9467&waid=9467&source=esatabwdg0211113&psource=esatabwdg0211113&wsource=esatabwdg0211113&testId=a-sa-5g-sc&cellId=0&campaign=sa-5g-sc#tblciGiB2EsJo20wc51V2_OIgwg7K4jUfngmcXqUO39nhovchxSDIq0w Any ideas? I’d like to not have to plunk down $91 billion– it’s been a tough week. Ed Gross

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