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Teaser ad in the Activa Trade daily email. It reads like part of it is video tutorials about how to buy crypto on DEXES before they’re listed on centralized exchanges but also teases the next best new defi coins. Anyone have a clue or know whether their ratings are worth the $39 a year they’re […]

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On Microblog: Teeka Tiwari Tech Royalties (November 2021)

You can also get various rates of APY interest on several exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, for keeping your crypto on their site. Binance does it automatically for all their coins, while Coinbase only gives interest on some and you have to choose[...]

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On Will the Apple Car mean "R.I.P. Tesla" on November 19?

I was too late for the Tesla party and I, too, am skeptical of Fiskar. I just put some of my little all on Ford, which is at a reasonable price and, in my humble opinion, has a good chance for a large slice of the EV market. It got my attention when it rol[...]

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