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On Recent Comments: Responses and Reflections
Excellent follow up, Michael. Is there any evidence in the literature that you are aware of about increased incidence of early Alzheimer's due to prolonged reduced oxygen tension such as in flight crews? Both my brother and a close friend, both career [...]
On Friday File: Marijuana Burning
I would still argue that IIPR's business model is about to collapse. While they may still find some tenants who wish to sell their property to IIPR in order to raise cash, the real driver for this has been the current lack of access to Federally chartered[...]
On Microblog: What 3 stocks is Paul Mampilly pitching in his latest “ 37 trillion dollar tech boom?
Chuck - I'm a bit confused. Are all three stocks (for Blockchain, AI and IoT) chip makers?[...]
On Friday File: Buying a "Bad to Less Bad" REIT, Plus Updates on TTD and IIPR
I think IIPR will tank big time if and when the Feds allow the big banks to make legal loans to marijuana growers. They don't even have to legalize marijuana, just make it legal for banks to jump in, and this concept seems to be gaining traction in the Co[...]
On Microblog: This Weird Pattern Has Preceded Every Market Crash Since 1919…And It’s Set to Appear Again on March 15
Do a search on Stock Gumshoe for David Stockman and read Travis' story posted in January a year ago.[...]

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