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Paul Mampilly True Momentum landmark cybersecurity recommendation ticker or company information. Could anyone share the cybersecurity ticker info? This is a legitimate sector that is primed for expansion as virtually all aspects of the global economy move into the digital realm, let alone block-chain technologies that are being adopted beyond just crypto-currencies. James Altucher is […]

Hello all, I am looking to confirm the Agora Financial Breakthrough technology alert report, Augmented Reality MasterChip ticker symbol (Supercycle Iphone Killer) to be announced at september 22 Apple presser. Anyone else seeing this promo from Ray Blanco of AF toughting a ’masterChip’ manufacturer that will be in most augmented reality devices in the coming […]

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On What's "The H.E.I.S.T. Moneybomb" from Extreme Alpha?

Im impressed with how quick you got this together! Bravo, I just got the pitch today and had the same thoughts about the possible option play he was touting... alot of variables in play, but %300,000 is rediculous[...]

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On Friday File: Fairfaxes, Blackbirds, Nodaks and more

Great, I'm looking forward to your review. Curzio stops must be getting hit around the 1.50- 1.40 range this week[...]

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On Microblog: Agora Financial - Ray Blanco - Augmented Reality MasterChip (AR Supercycle - Iphone Killer) Breakthrough technology alert report

AMS AG (AUKUF for some reason comes up when I search it for quote on Schwab)[...]

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