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Vericel- Potential of MACI

Can management fully execute on capturing 20k MACI procedures (for knee cartilage repair)? Microfracture procedure costs much less, but MACI has proven superior in a clinical trial. The company’s CEO sees an opportunity to grow from 1100 (former carticel) procedures to as much as 20k/ yr (recent FDA approved MACI procedures). Competition is not seen […]

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On Long Idea of the Year
$AUPH http://cjasn.asnjournals.org/content/early/2016/11/03/CJN.05780616.full.pdf+html This is a good reference article on lupus nephritis- addresses demographics, biopsy debate.[...]
On Long Idea of the Year
I've only been a member for around 5 months. I can say accurately that Dr KSS has made (and saved) me a lot of money. Looks like $AUPH is about to break out soon. $11's may be possible by end of June. Watch $GBT as well. After data on June 24th, stock may [...]
On Quickster: Update on Corbus
Dr KSS, IMO, Glickman could very well sell $AUPH this year if the offer is strong enough. Listening to the CC's, Glickman is suggestive (promoting awareness to other companies) of licensing/or even selling the company outright. Not sure if the Board/former[...]
On Quickster: Update on Corbus
Dr KSS, shorts may be embolden d/t the long time lapse after Ph3 is initiated. Unless there is an early B/O, shorts can just sit back and wait for $AUPH S/H's to become impatient. Glickman is acutely aware of the market and times his moves well- will be in[...]
On The Rest of the 12 Biotechs of Christmas
Plan on using 5.2k shares of $GBT sale to add to $AUPH position. I think $AUPH could be acquired this year for $40-45/share. Glickman all but dismissed a large partnership in a CC, favoring to keep most of the market with only a small licencing deal for Ja[...]
On The Rest of the 12 Biotechs of Christmas
Doc, where do you see $GBT being acquired (if it happens)? I keep coming up with around $70 at the current stage of development.[...]
On The Rest of the 12 Biotechs of Christmas
I'm long on GBT. I think management has leverage here - mgmt has the cash to finish phase 3. And interim data is near your end. If one company is interested, there could be others - hoping for a bidding war this summer.[...]
On Microblog: Vericel- Potential of MACI
I think the catalysts are coming towards the end of the year and especially on Q4 report in Feb 2018. That one could be big. Orthopedic surgeons have been waiting on MACI in the US for awhile now.[...]
On True Confessions of a Copywriter
I recently subscribed to Gumshoe primarily for the CEO interviews which (I found out) can be very telling. I like to pick my own stocks. I recently bought into AKAO and wanted to see details of the interview with Wise. Looks like Wise wants to expand the c[...]

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