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SodaStream acquired by Pepsico

Just a note to say thank you Travis. I invested in SODA back in 2014 after reading about it here. My rationale was that SODA had some trend tailwinds (such as disposable plastic bottle reduction), and had a credible takeover story that would happen at some time. Well, it happened. Pepsico has agreed an offer […]


This highlights the scope of China’s risks: Billionaire Chinese businessman disappears amid corruption crackdown. China’s largest company, Fosun Group, owner of Club Med and Cirque du Soleil, last had contact with chairman Guo Guangchan on Thursday. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/dec/11/guo-guangchang-chinas-warren-buffet-goes-missing-amid-corruption-crackdown


Is Fosun (HKG:0656) back in buy territory? I follow it since it was one of the ideas of the month last August. At that point it was around HK$10.00. It subsequently went up to HK$22.00. Now with the slump in China it is at HK$13.00 level and starts to look attractive at a P/E of […]

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On Biotech Discussion... continued
$SNDX Any idea why it tanked 22% today?[...]
$APTO "“….In October 2017, we entered into a Common Shares Purchase Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) with Aspire Capital Fund, LLC (“Aspire Capital”) to sell up to US $15.5 million of common shares to Aspire Capital. Under the terms of t[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$PTI Maybe. Now, we have to rationally acknowledge that a report from a short seller is intended, well, to make the short successful, and probably less to provide impartial insight into the stock. There have been cases like Citron with VRX that were right[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$PTI sp Regardless of the science that I decidedly don’t understand to the details, this is clearly and undoubtedly a plain vanilla short attack. I am reluctant to sell and expect a recovery in the next few weeks. Shorts already made their expected buck[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$ABVX fp Abivax was up 12% today with no significant news after month of little change. This was the Long idea of the year about a year ago.[...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
$SNDX also out with nice profit! Thanks Dr KSS![...]
On Biotech Discussion... continued
More than 70% fall may not be a “fail in terms of the drug’s future”, but it is a *fail* for investors. Not good.[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas 2018: Balthasar
$DRKSS Dr please come back. Please remember all the people here in SG that admire you and respect you! We are your people! Your gang. We are the people that gather around when you call us. Please don't leave us. ¡Por favor Doctor![...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas 2018: Balthasar
Thank you Doc! You are amazing. It is now very clear to me what to do.[...]
On The Twelve Biotechs of Christmas 2018: Balthasar
$PRTA position through $WPCT (London) Hi All, my first post on the Dr's section although I have been following these fascinating discussions since the publication of the Long Idea of The Year last May. I wonder if there is an opinion on Prothena. I hav[...]
On Mizrahi's "World's Top Billionaires Invest in the Biggest Cancer Breakthrough Since Chemo"
I got into MELI at $170. Happy days![...]
On Microblog: Pershing Square (PSH)
Travis, this is an amazing read: http://brontecapital.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/some-comments-on-valeant-conference-call.html[...]
On What are the $25 "RETIREMENT NOTES" teased by Unconventional Wealth?
I have an account with Funding Circle in the UK that I have been using for close to two years now and have been averaging 10.2% return after fees and bad debt (The platform has a US version also but I believe it only admits accredited investors). For unsec[...]
On August Idea of the Month: Catching a Falling Fosun
Thanks for this Travis. I also think that Fosun's share price has been affected by the general Chinese market swing and not because of its own fundamentals. It sounds like a good opportunity to initiate a position.[...]
On Microblog: Fosun
Thanks Travis. It shot up almost 20% in today's trading (HK time).[...]
On Who's the Oddball UK Tycoon who (Motley Fool says) will make investors rich?
Great to see British companies being reviewed![...]
On Microblog: 3 Must-See Stocks for the New Golden Age of TV
Probably a re-run of this: http://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/motley-fool-stock-advisor/television-2-0-the-2-2-trillion-war-for-your-living-room-begins-now/[...]
On A Couple "Buys" … and what to do with Seadrill?
Hi Travis, I don't know what proportion of your subscribers are non-US based but I suspect they are more than just myself. We, the global audience, appreciate very much every bit of your writings about non-US listed ideas, most recently Lancashire, Fosu[...]
On June/July Idea of the Month
You are right. This will scare many, which is a good thing. Argentina can hardly be hurt any deeper. It has been excluded from international capital markets for more than a decade and has been running >20% inflation for the last 5-7 years. The current adm[...]
On "I Bet You $117,238.20 That This Stock Explodes in 2013" (Motley Fool's "Get Rich on Wednesday" Pick)
Yes indeed. One curious thing is that I received the Jeremy Phillips pitch yesterday with the headline "I plan to get rich on Monday morning" and never received the “Get Rich on Wednesday” one.[...]

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