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You bought a ROKU set which you are very impressed with and you saw the number of Chewy boxes on local doorsteps increase dramatically during lockdown. An extremely good base from which to make investment decisions you said, try the product before you buy the stock. So true. I’m seeing an extraordinary growth in YouTube […]

Travis, I don’t know if you’re happy to answer this question or not but here goes, If I have understood it correctly you have split your overall real money portfolio into two, equities and Mutual Funds/ETFs. What percentage of the overall total is in equities and what percentage is in the Mutual Funds/ ETFs. You […]

So Travis, once you’d made sure you hadn’t missed anything cos you were writing and listening at the same time. You still happy to buy WCC here?

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On Where Are We in the COVID-19 Pandemic? – March 2021

Are you familiar with another mAb called leronlimab, it’s produced by a company called CytoDyn. Phase III trial data was submitted about 3 weeks ago to the FDA and everything has gone very quiet since[...]

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On Microblog: WCC

Thanks for replying Travis[...]

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On Friday File: Valuation Fears, GAN, and some New Speculations

I doubled up on GAN yesterday when it was 5% down, it closed 10% down. I’m not very good at this. Travis you have a stop loss in GAN at 17$ in your portfolio, are you going to sell if they hit that?[...]

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