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6x the Potential of Bitcoin With bitcoin soaring past $50,000, there’s one move I strongly recommend you make today. And it’s NOT buying bitcoin. Sure, the “darling” of the crypto market could still go higher from here. At least in the long term. But buying the most popular assets at all-time highs is not how […]

Has anyone heard of the “TECH ROYALTIES“by palm beach researchers ? Today’s crypto market reminds me of 1995 in the internet space… Back then, there was a similar fervor from individual investors. And it was the first time I saw “mom and pop” get the jump on institutional investors. They were coming in making all […]

Does anyone know the stocks teased in the MotleyFool advertisement for 5g next gen supercycle? The teaser says it’s still a tiny play, it is a company that is 1/1000 the size of google; offers AI powered assistance in cars, and is a US 1.2. Billion dollar company targeting self-driving market. The other tease is […]

There’s a new presentation by Jeff Brown he is calling KAASH and says these penny stocks are beating the FAANG stocks hands down. FAANG v. KAASH – No Contest! Right now, if you’re chasing big tech stocks, odds are you’ll be “sucking wind.” According to analysts, over the next 12 months, the 5 big “FAANG” […]

What is the new project Xi ad teased by Brownstone research. America’s #1 tech investor uncovers the breakthrough of the century: “Project Xi” The US military, Google, Amazon, and Apple… have all joined forces to develop the most advanced weapon in history. And it’s aimed straight at China. This modern-day Manhattan Project is worth a […]

The recent update in the stock Gumshoe site has taken away the ability to go back thru articles by date, or I’m missing something. I start with most recent and used to be able to scroll down and click back to see most recent articles in order. What’s with the change. I also seem to […]

Hello. Did anyone see the information on the new MotleyFool IPOs advertisement? IPO Trailblazers. They gave away FLGT which doesn’t seem to be part of their recommended stock picks. I didn’t seem to pick up on any quality hints either. Thanks

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