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On 2016 Turkey of the Year
Natcore is about to become an eagle and soar. Go to IHUB board and read through the last 70-100 posts to get a hint of what is happening.[...]
On "The Non-Solar Solar Stock to Save an Industry Today" (Nick Hodge)
Travis, you may want to look at the progress Natcore has made. Here is a recent interview:[...]
On Navellier's "Next Biotech Doubler"
Subpoenas? Sorry to hear that. Good luck.[...]
On "Canada's $35 Billion Giveaway" Tease from Keith Schaefer
Leo, That is what I was wondering about also Leo: putting K-1's into an IRA.[...]
On Microblog: Nick Hodge's Latest Gimmick? - Early Advantage
Thanks for all the replies to the original post. It saved me some money.[...]
On Solving Frank Curzio's "The NEXT Royal Gold" Teaser
Allie, I have Sandstorm Gold in both an IRA account and a regular account. The only thing that is important is to get into SAND ASAP during this pull back in October.[...]
On Financiers and Patent Trolls -- Catching up on some past favorites
Everyone needs to watch this. CEO Nolan Watson spoke today at the Denver Gold Forum. Cut and paste if clicking doesn't work and scroll down to the 9:20 Presentation. You will have to register. Click on “Launch Presentation”. There is not a need to [...]
On Financiers and Patent Trolls -- Catching up on some past favorites
When Travis profiled Sandstorm Gold awhile back, I knew immediately that it would be a winner and it has become the major stock in my portfolio. I think it will make retirement a lot more comfortable.[...]
On Microblog: Gold Miners and Financial Challenges
Sorry that should be $200+ million[...]
On Microblog: Gold Miners and Financial Challenges
JB, you are too short-sighted. How do you think Franco-Nevada and Silver Wheaton got their money to purchase most of their streaming/royalty deals? Read this post on Stockhouse by a poster called NaturalResources (I think I counted 7 bought deal financing[...]
On "Canada's Massive Mine" owned by "One Tiny Explorer"
Gary, I'm impressed. I've been in Natcore for almost 2 years. How did you know that Hodge was going to tease Natcore in his publication?[...]
On Microblog: Opinion on SANDSTORM GOLD (SNDXF)
Jack, you don't know anything about Sandstorm Gold: in most cases what you said is true, but not this time. They had a reverse split on May 9th and the stock price is doing fine. Why? Because it is a money making machine and it will be listed on a major[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Gold Consolidation
Boyd, I don't check this site very often so my response is extremely late. I am still buying Sandstorm Gold on almost every pullback. It may be one of those once in a lifetime gems. I personally was not happy with the reverse split (for strictly selfish[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Gold Consolidation
goocher911, do a search on this site for sandstorm gold; stock gumshoe has reviewed it extensively. Yes, I have been involved with a stock that did a reverse split in trying to save the company but this is a different situation. Sandstorm is a company wi[...]

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