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I haven’t been able to find a discussion where this has been solved. I think the answer is Halcon Resources. The stock price is right. If you substitute Floyd Wilson (CEO) for Ellis White all of the details given match. So here is the teaser: Ellis White Flusters Goodrich Petroleum (NYSE: GDP) +21st Century Oil […]

Adam Lass of Bottarelli Research (who is one of those stock markets experts who has bounced around several newsletters over the years) is advertising the Forgotten Tech Stock which has triggered his proprietary 3X signal stacking. The hook is that you will make 345% by July 1. Any ideas what stock this is?

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On Microblog: Economic depression coming in few months?

The one thing that I believe stock history teaches is that you can never predict the timing of the fall but you can accurately predict the amount of the fall. For this I recommend following John Hussman at His[...]

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On Which Tiny .70 Company Found the "Supernova Gold" Mother Lode? Travis has already solved this back in 2010.[...]

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Going forward most of the new sensors will be from the medical field. Thus there should not be one company that dominates. In the teaser they give several examples of companies that had a sensor or a medical solution that solved a pressing need and the com[...]

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On Microblog: Gold vs Dollar. Edelson vs Dent

John Mauldin has coined the phrase muddle through recovery. What is going to happen is that they are both wrong. Gold is a commodity that costs about $800 per ounce to get out of the ground. At $1200-$1300 per ounce numerous new mines are opening. So as th[...]

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