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Travis, you have done the impossible, you bought some Disney (DIS) on ”1/18/2019.” Please get back to me and let me know how you did that as it may open the way for me to do a little post mortem trading for the benefit of my heirs. Have fun with this, I did.

Travis, I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that 3-D printing (additive printing) will soon become as ubiquitous as home/office 2-D printers are now. I further believe that the productive and profitable uses of graphene (sic) will increase geometrically. So far, so good, even great, but how does a small-time investor like myself identify […]

Travis, anyone: Do you know what The Sovereign Society is pitching now? ”The Rolling Stone of Technology” has hailed this Breakthrough as: ”The Greatest Innovation In History!” ”It is 7-Times Bigger Than Computers, Tablets And Smartphones … COMBINED!” Even the Government Predicts That By 2020, there Will be 50 Billion New Devices Using This Technology. […]

What’s this all about, hyped by one of the investment letter publishers? I’ll stand corrected if I’m wrong, but isn’t the hyped SRP really just taking note of the fact that one can buy a company’s stock directly from the company itself and have a running (open) account in which one pays the company a […]

Anyone have a ”read” on this hype? “I want to put ‘Apple’s Wireless Move’ to work for me!” The Midas Supergroup has literally never produced a loser while sparking stock runs of 19,950%, 49,893%, and, recently, an unbelievable 67,350%. That’s no misprint. If you’d been following this group, you could have netted 670 times your […]

Dear Stock Gumshoe readers: Two developments–3D printing/fabrication and the production of graphene (”bucky paper” and nano-tubes) open world of possibilities in a number of fields for the betterment of mankind. All of which is find and I’m all for it, however, I’d like to find someway for a novice investor like myself to capitalize on […]

Dear Travis, TMF (The Motley Fool) just a day or two ago, much in the vein of the FNSR tout, touted it’s ”core” to developing Apple’s (AAPL) new products. Did you see if, and if so, what stock do you think TMF was touting? Long time reader … love you gumshoeing. Ed Funston

If anyone knows, are this funds payouts ”qualified,” I.e., suject to the 15% dividend tax or are the payouts ordinary income. The ”hype” I’ve read on this says it can be DRIPed; if so, and if one DRIPed ones holdings, and the payouts continue at their present rate, this value of ones holdings in this […]

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On Mampilly's "#1 Stock for 2020" -- Latest emails say "$10 Stock Gets 'All In' Buy Alert on Coronavirus News"

3-D, I've been following this 3-D business for I guess at least 6 years, if not more. It's applications and efficiencies are so obvious I just can't figure out why the few stocks which represent 3-D entrepreneurs have not turned into "rocket" stocks. For[...]

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On Why We Take the Bait

How neat is that? The only Hungarian I ever knew was a fraternity brother who was born in Hungary, an his name too was hard to spell: Popper, which I'm led to believe is a common in Hungary as Smith is in the United States. Sage of the Prairie[...]

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On Is Inflammation Really the Archvillain?

Doc, I know from LDL, HDL, CRP and Triglycerides, but what is LDL-C?[...]

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On What's the "White Oil" Pitch from Lou Basenese About?

Way to go Travis, although I've been interested in Lithium for many years and for a like time period have owned a few SQM shares; now, finally, I've found someone to give me the non-hyped dope on lithium. Thanks a bunch.[...]

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On Microblog: Graphene & 3D addative fabrication

Ed F. here. Thank you sogiam. I'm now holding shares of-- DASTY, DDD, SSYS, MTLS (new today), XONE and VJET. To make sure my bases are covered, can you think of another company (use trading symbol please) which may add weight to my little 3D/graphem[...]

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