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On "The Stock of a Lifetime: The 1 Stock for This $15.7 Trillion Revolution."

Well put Travis! No apologies needed...Blanco raises my BP just seeing his picture. IMHO he is one of the worst![...]

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On What's Crowdability's "Ski-Fi" Pitch About?

Wow! Blanco is still a bad reincarnation of PT![...]

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On Hodge teases: "Get Rich on the Tiny Stock That Will Revolutionize Amazon’s Supply Chain"

Surprised Blanco isn't all over this "Snake Oil".[...]

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On Blanco's " $2 Trillion 'Bio-Switch'" Stock -- he says it's "Hailed as Miracle Drug for 3 Killer Diseases"

This coming from the Cl&*n who promised us "Wireless phone charging"...over and over again....this guy is a hack![...]

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On Buying an IPO. Again.

Just curious Travis. Why would "passing on Uber" be considered a mistake by anyone? It's a (To date) massive cash burning, never close to profitable (IMOH) Ponzi scheme. I've been of the belief that Travis K. and Bernie M. were somehow related.[...]

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On What's Stansberry's "Dirty 30" All About?

Over the last 8-10 months I have done well Buying Puts on HTZ per his recommendation. In and out 5 times with a double at least each time.[...]

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On Motley Fool's "Next Generation of 'Hidden Millionaires' Pitch

Funny you talk about PLD. I live in the DFW area; specifically Grapevine, TX. I am 4-5 minutes from the Airport North entrance. Surrounded by Logistic, Air Cargo, Freight forwarders etc. That PLD logo is everywhere! New warehouse space is popping up around[...]

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On True Wealth's "Tiny Device That's Eating the World"

What happened to "fleet" is a mystery to me! I own a swimming pool biz and private driving service. Use Square for both....Love it! 2.75% swipe fee....money straight to my designated bank account in 24-30 hours. I PAY the 2.75% NOT the customer.[...]

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On "Miracle Made Real" as "Superman Flies Again"

Thanks T-Man...shoulda known! When Blanco gets hold of something....Jeez, like a pitbull.[...]

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On Friday File: "The Third-Most Important Base Metal Is About to Rally"

Ditto that hedy1234....'preciate ya Travis![...]

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On What's the "Tiny Device Changing Entire Financial Industry?"

Run two small Business's....Love my Square!! Easy, dependable and money in the Bank very quickly.[...]

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On Microblog: White Oil

Shoulda known....Danke' ![...]

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On What's being hinted at for Chris Mayer's Focus?

Chiming in 'bout Pollo. Recently opened one here in Southlake, TX. Folks here will buy anything if it doesn't involve anymore effort than opening their wallet. Place is never busy; even at lunch. Tried twice, horrible "service". Help always appears dazed a[...]

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