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On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
sell a quarter at 4x , now u have earned what u paid and can not lose ! , sell up to half and you got profit to reinvest on a drop or wherever else ! this is my method on these pot stocks after watching a few sink back down[...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
cnnxf @ 0.21 on 6/14/19[...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
and if urs is bought out , u will probably get stock in the one getting bigger ! , that how i now have CGC and i would not mind having a smaller MOM/POP survivor that does not overpay execs ![...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
MJ matures in 3 to 6 months these companies will take longer[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
HEXO . ARCA $5.64 HEXO..tsx $7.52[...]
On What are John Boehner's "American Cannabis Summit" Stocks?
HYYWF .otc HEXO , $ 2.20[...]
On Microblog: Hepatitis with a C
2019 noticed 2 different ads for different Hep c cures any new news ? some one else in the space besides GILD ? GILD @ 66.36 today[...]
On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?
has made the recommendation of another MM newsletter his legs were not together , each leg got bollo wrapped individually on video , u could not see it happen , it was like that quick ![...]
On What's Alex Green's "Next American Mega-Brand" Stock?
also a lot of van/ car/rv livers buy membership for the showers , but nobody says what the roving membership cost is[...]
On What's Alex Green's "Next American Mega-Brand" Stock?
I can confirm[...]
On Kramer: "If you don’t take a small position in this marijuana stock, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life."
the patent would be on extraction of said component , or how it was made synthetically , its one of the reasons i have not invested in any of the extraction purification companies because i see nothing thats actually new .[...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
chris used to work for 2 other groups before here MMP [ , i lost money then also !! how he ended up with this group is a sad proof they are only after our money ![...]
On National Institute for Cannabis Investors
Is this the Chriss who works for them and needed better advise then his [urs ] advise letter[...]
On "Tesla's Revenge... Just About EVERY Industry You Can Think of Is Headed For a 'Wi-Po' Upgrade"
IDTI ? is that IDT Corp ?[...]
On In Defense of the Egg
eggs in moderation , every thing in moderation ! except sugar ! , sugar is an inflammatory ! i remember reading an article where a married dentist and heart specialist discovered that plaque in mouth = better risk to be seeing th[...]
On "Cannabis IPO #1: The Unlimited Royalty Machine" teased by NICI
What hype and bad math if the royalty is on output , they screwed by saying how much they are growing ! it will take x times y to get i gram of oil I do not know how much , but is not 1 gram in , 1 gram of oil out ![...]
On Chris Wood's "Tiny Disruptor" in 5G teased for "Project 5X"
so for 5g , we have parts producers , copy rights , and builders NOK , AKTS , RESN , QRVO VZ, T , and towers [ lost that page of notes ][...]
On Teased as "The Safest Way to Profit From The 'Marijuana Gold Rush'"
2getrisbetr combine the two was my first thought also , now that would have become my omega3 purchase ! guess the company is going to miss the best combined gimmick winner ![...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $1 Pot Stock?"
i would say sell half any time you get 3x your return on invested i wish i had on several and re-bought on retraces of 50%[...]
On Moors says "This New Device Is Expected to Spark a $35 Billion Bidding War" ... what's this "Electro-Wave Inversion" Business?
wow , just read it and U R on it thanks[...]

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