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On Microblog: ERIC WADE From the crypto insider who made 28x his money in 2 weeks: “Beginning Sept. 12th - A Huge, Unstoppable Market Event Will Force Americans (and Nearly $1 Billion) to Flood Into This One Tiny Cryptocurrency” A once-a-decade “setup” could help you make 10x your money, virtually overnight. If you feel like you missed out on Bitcoin, then this urgent opportunity could be a rare second chance...

Count me in as another member who is interested to know before the 12th. :)[...]

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On Microblog: Casey Research Palm Beach Research Nick Gianbruno Unique Investment

I watched the whole video and it had something to do with a very rare "white metal" I think they said 30 X more valuable than gold. South Africa and Columbia are the big exporters. The metal has 6 or 7 catalysts to move it forward. So the metal probab[...]

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On Microblog: Is This the ONLY Pot Stock You Need to Buy?

I listened to the presentation one day while stuck in traffic. Seems the company is out of South America. I think Columbia , but not sure. The big deal is they can grow outdoors and year round due to 12 hours of light. This means the cost per gram i[...]

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On Kent Moors teases his "'Infinite Power' Nano-Grid" Stock for 38,901% Gains

Like Theodir I watch the long winded videos, but unlike him I did not join Dr. Moors newsletter. Instead I came here and got the info. Since what was said made sense (to me at least) I invested in LIXXF on 5/1/17 and am up 10.38%, ARTX on 5/30/17 and up [...]

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On Microblog: Agora teaser for august 28 ICO cryptocurrency

The problem with the Mark Cuban reference is that during much of the sales pitch they are selling the idea of cryptocurrencies. Then they mix that up with this new one that will replace all the old ones. " Winner take all". But they never say that Mark C[...]

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On Microblog: any analysis on the Money Map Press latest tease - Rogue scientist's technological "hack" caught on video

They are now saying "mainstream media" is all over this so need to hurry. Had it not been for that statement I would want to buy today and sell on the day before the big announcement for a small skim. But of course I am not sure who the company is as I h[...]

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On Mega Friday File: Portfolio Updates, Rick Rule's 7 Deals, and Curzio's Little Gold Hints

It has been a couple three weeks now and I was wondering if anyone has come up with a definitive answer to the PCY v. PAAS question. You would think the "secret" would have revealed itself by now. PCY certainly has a lot of room to run if it indeed has s[...]

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On Microblog: Great Stock Picks

Money Map just came out with a video for this service on Sunday. It says Mr. Fry is "Americas Top Trader". Has a system where he identifies stocks that are undervalued and are just starting to get momentum. He has 6 recommendations to make right away an[...]

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On Microblog: Rick Rule 99,999% teaser that is hot off the press ??

I took a very small stake in Deep Yellow. I noticed that the symbol was not on my positions list, but instead some kind of code. I called my broker who said something about a reverse stock split. I checked the internet and they are reporting something a[...]

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On "Three Tiny Pot Stocks to Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement"

Here is an observation from someone who lives in a "legal state", namely Washington. I have been "familiar" with this "sector" for over three decades. In Washington, unlike the heavily over commercialized and undertaxed state of Colorado, had it's beginn[...]

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