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On Solving the "Day of the Great Blockchain Collision" tease
Thought Ripple was a wine I used to drink in College?[...]
On Microblog: "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb"
The folks at Kent Moors site, specifically Lance, has sent me a text version. Bless you Lance as I have taken the Evelyn Wood speed reading course and was able to scroll to the pertinent details. To defeat the Chinese Assassin's Mace we have the Mach 7 [...]
On Microblog: Cancer treatment
Perhaps we have a case of politics and science and science fiction making strange bedfellows. This stuff is glowing orange and could cure just about everything. Do the initials ET-73 stand for Extra Terrestrial-73, Essence of Trump-73 or Ecteinascidin-73? [...]
On "P-Value" and identifying Ernie Tremblay's "Fast Double by August 31" Tinnitus Stock
Ooops, EARS missed on not meeting Trial goals TACTT2. Down ~60%.[...]
On What's Robinson's "Little Black Smart Box" teased for Radical Technology Profits?
The "hook" Sorry for the transparent Nova X dig) that works best on me is the one that uses the guy drawing stuff on your screen. Now that is the lure that this bass hits! I find myself wondering. "how he can draw so rapidly and talk so fast at the same[...]
On What's Robinson's "Little Black Smart Box" teased for Radical Technology Profits?
Thanks Travis. Maybe I'll sit this one out, wouldn't know what to do with a trillion dollars anyway. Prolly have to move to an upscale neighborhood where folks would look down on me for wearing old rock n roll t-shirts and my favorite "Die Yuppie Scum" te[...]
On Microblog: Radical Tech Profits teaser for the "Little Black Box"
Not sure who it is but Keith at Total Wealth sent me another personal message this morning that intimated that ... "I told you how this box holds the key to a projected $37 trillion fortune. I also explained how earlier generations of this box have minted[...]
On Microblog: Little black box
Worth Trillions. Mind boggling opportunity. Full details by Michael Robinson. Little $6 stock. Listening to it now and salivating, does he reveal it? Or do I have to subscribe to his newsletter? Reminds me of the Simon & Garfunkel song... "Do people[...]

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