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John Doody ( A Gold analyst) I presume no relation to ”Howdy Doody” had a presentation on 8/21/19 touting his $2500 Service Gold Stock Pro Analyst. He currently has a portfolio of 10 Gold Stocks with possibility of some having HUGE gains. At the end of the presentation he gave away a free Gold Stock […]


Matt McCall had a promotional video entitled 10X Innovation Summit . He highlighted 7 Trends that could provide 10X Gains . Here is an outline with the 7 Trends and his stocks for them. To help save you time, I highlighted the parts of our conversation where Matt reveals his free picks: Stock Pick #1: […]


” Junior Mining Monthly” just sent me a Teaser Ad that describes 3 Super Huge Gold Miner opportunities. They are all Low Priced Miners …..Travis perhaps you can use your Super Brain to decipher the clues and shed some light on these Gold Stars! Here is the Link Good Luck and have a beautiful day! […]


Saw a Teaser for a $1995 stock service ”Cannabis Paydays” that promised 5 Marijuana Stocks that could offer huge returns. Here is the link Anyone have a clue as to the 5 stocks teased?


Sean Broderick along with Mr. Weiss sponsored a long winded Webinar plugging The Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio . Fantastic returns were depicted , anyone know what stocks he eluded to? Here is the link!

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On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"
MMNFF Wow this Turkey is down 27% for the week , 38% for the month and Down 57% Year To Date! The question is how low can this turkey go?[...]
On Motley Fool's "Like Buying McDonald's in 1965" Stock
Money Tree are you in any way affiliated with "The Motley Fool" ?[...]
On What's Moors' "Electro-Wave Inversion?"
Once again the old adage holds true, "A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted!"[...]
On Can You Really Get Cannabis "Green Monday" Paydays?
Wow this Strategy is definitely not for the average bumpkin! For me this would be analogous to throwing a live grenade back and forth from hand to hand hoping the pin does not fall out! Travis Thank you for your summary![...]
On Solving Hodge's "The #1 Gold Stock of the Next Decade" Tease
Thanks IMHO Alexo Resources AXU looks real good , and the best of the lot! Chart:[...]
On Microblog: Quantum Loop/Trader
Alpha 9 Trader appears to be the latest Tom Gentile I mean system![...]
On Microblog: Is This the ONLY Pot Stock You Need to Buy?
Of course this New service is at a super discount for "ONLY" $1,995 ![...]
On Microblog: Is This the ONLY Pot Stock You Need to Buy?
Ray Blanco just sent me an E-Mail for his "NEW" service "Pot Stock Millionaire Mastermind" Anyone subscribe to this latest Ray Blanco creation?[...]
On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"
Big Tuna I agree , getting involved in setting up a wallet and all that other nonsense that goes along with buying a Bit Coin, ( Basically a piece of hot air), IMHO is a big mistake .....very similar to dropping the soap in the prison shower. The end [...]
On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch
Although both stocks can be described as precarious at best "Today" , I am a gambler and bought 50K of each IIPR and GTBC on 6/24/19 and I am currently up 6.76% or$ 6,757 . Caution these stocks are not for the feint of heart![...]
On Ferris' "The Hands-Down, No. 1 Pick of My Career" Pitch
I had subscribed to a Ferris Service back in the day , but cancelled shortly thereafter as his picks were going nowhere fast! Gold appears to be controlled by the powers that be , and I really see no sharp rise unless the whole stock market collapse[...]
On Looking into Nick Hodge's "Crypto66" and a "Bizarre Crypto Opportunity"
IMHO Best Bit Coin Play "Stock" Currently is GBTC, me you aren't going to make "Dick" with Nick Hodges' advice![...]
On Tom Gentile's Money Calendar
I have JUST Cancelled my $39 subscription to Fast Money Club . based on the 2.1 Service review, and comments here. When the lady asked me why I was cancelling , I brought up the Stockgumshoe 2.1 review , and other comments on the site. Her reply was th[...]
On June 13 "Weed-tirement" Deadline Being Teased -- Double Retirement Savings starting with $50?
Wow what's with all the vitriol? Our primary function here is too exchange information about stocks that have been successful for you, and not to lock A-Holes![...]
On What the bejeezus is "Fluorescent Sand?" Is it gonna make us rich?
Years back a guy I knew went to concert , and he spotted one of those Hippie Vans that had a toilet fixed to the roof of the van. It was almost dark at the time so he hopped up and took a dump into the bowl, wiped himself with a napkin and threw that[...]
On June 13 "Weed-tirement" Deadline Being Teased -- Double Retirement Savings starting with $50?
I have a conscience also , and I have never smoked , used drugs or have a tattoo, but I realize that you cannot stop the individuals who utilize those vices. Lord knows how many programs have been created to curtail those vices,. Having said that my co[...]
On Friday File: Bouncing Keys and a "Too Good to be True" Reminder
Unless in a ROTH account the REITS are a nightmare at tax time![...]
On Blanco's "No More Diseases... The Moment The World Stands Still" Stock
CNTMF is a sleeper MArijuana stock that could become a GIANT![...]
On Casey's "5 Tiny 'Pot' Stocks Set to Soar in 2018 Pot Boom" teased in "Become a Marijuana Millionaire in 2018"
Another GREAT Marijuana Sleeper is CNTMF WATCH THIS ONE as it should begin to soar in the coming days![...]
On What's being hinted at as Ray Blanco's "1 Stock for a Life-Changing Marijuana Payday?"
New Marijuana Company that looks good CNTMF It' going up today while others taking hits![...]

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