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Anyone know the name of the limited issue $1 stock drilling in the Transylvanian Basin that signed a agreement with a major oil company? Nine wells are planned with said ”major oil company” paying all the bills. A 200 – 300% increase in the unknown small $1 company is expected within 1-2 years. Any ideas […]

Travis: Do you have any idea of the stock names for the plethora of investment strategies discussed by the Oxford University Group recently gathered together? A few are obvious and previously discussed by you such as Parametric Sound, but most are under the radar to the uninitiated who don’t want to pay $197 for the […]

Travis: Have you viewed the video by Gregg McCoach of Mining Speculator about the Peruvian ”Billion Dollar Mountain of Silver Trading for Less than $1”. The name of this junior mining stock is summarized in one of two ”free” reports one gets when you subscribe to Mining Speculator for a year at $49.00. Any idea […]

Travis: What company(s) do you think Nathan Slaughter is pushing when he talks of wild gains due to the fact that ONE company has the technology to change natural gas to liquid (”GTL”) and, eventually, to diesel fuel? The Irregulars would appreciate any thoughts the Thinkalator may have on this subject. Best Regards.

Travis: Matthew Carr from Oxford Club is pushing a new service called Emerging Trends Trader for a ”discounted” price of $1,500 per year. This gets you 2 stock recommendations/month gleaned from his ”Prime System” of over 60 stocks that literally offer a guaranteed profit by specifying a buy in date and the buy out date […]

Travis: What is the name of the gold stock that Frank Curzio is pushing hard on to get new Phase I investors at $3K/year. Said stock is enbroiled in a lawsuit over government approvals and is owned by insiders and their CEO. What does the Thinkalator think?

Travis: Any thoughts on the new Alpha newsletter Stansberry’s coming out with? Cost is $1625/year for 12 option plays selling put options. Do you think their advice is worth that kind of money?

Travis: What company is Keith Schaefer pushing with his Oil & Gas Investment Bulletin that is supposedly the #1 oil stock to invest in? I’m not enamored of the idea of paying $399/year to get his ”Free” report as I have been burned too many times with offers like this. Thanks for all the good […]

Travis: Any idea of what Louis Basenese is pushing with his Microcap Tech Trader subscription offer for $850 (discounted from $3.500!)? He specifically mentions a Boston firm that invented a new disruptive technology using focused sound — this stock name is, naturally, not given till you fork over your $850. He also mentions two other […]

Travis: Hope your vacations’ going good. Elliott Gue is now promoting a new oil trust (Energy Strategist for big $$) that ”…. payments nearly twice the size of the legendary Prudoe Bay royalty trust payouts”. Location: ”Meander down the blacktops crisscrossing Washita County like a checkerboard, and you’d never guess the tiny farm towns of […]

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