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Kent Moors vetted an oil venture I invested in. Aledgedly it keeps getting better but no payout yet. I don’t know the geology of oil. Would be interested in having it run through ”Thinkolator”

Jeff Clark teases his ”Short Report” as a uniquely successful guide to options trading based on a proprietary ”intellectual property” Key focusing currently on gold . It’s an expensive service. Is it proper to ”tease out” what he’s talking about ? He claims a fabulous record with scads of testimonials.

Canter Fitzgerald rates Neonode a buy with $9.00 target. Neonode vs Apple lawsuit in Cal(?) in July raises questions. What’s suit about ? Is NEON multisensing tech essential for Apple ? Fitzgerald states Samsung success vs Apple re: patents in Holland is ”tangentially” a plus for NEON. Is NEON a possible Apple acquisition ? What […]

Postal flier from Tim Fields – Untapped Wealth: Rackwise – $0.80 ”Penny Stock” predicted to be Big Player in DCiM flood expected with world’s anticipated unlimited exponential growth in ”Data Mgmt” for big, medium & small businesses. Already embedded in Intel Data Mgmt product. ”Who are these guys, Sundance ? – And what are their […]

What’s behind Paul Mampilly’s tease re: Apple’s ”Tech Heist of Decade” ? He talks of Apple merging/acquiring streaming content and ”platform tech” for its next quantum leap-Beyond my ken.

Kent Moor teases multiple energy plays re: Natural gas and LNG technology becoming as revolutionizing as Model T and internal combustion engine with production, distribution, daily life importance to match world wide importance of oil. Would appreciate gaining perspective on him and his ideas.

” Forever Gold” teases with a steady stream of income for 22 years but owns no mines. Is this a gold version of ”Silver Wheaton” with royalty income from acquisitions etc ?

Equedia newsletter advances a lot of info about MAG Silver Corp as having a potentially big silver/gold find in an already productive mining land area thereby becoming a lucrative acquisition target with, of course, great profit potential. What issues bear on acquisitions, especially in an already productive area ? MAG Silver doesn’t seem to be […]

Silver is widely described as ready to climb in general. Silver Wheaton has performed very favorably per some investment advisors. My understanding is it collects royalty income from miners it has ”grubstaked”. Is it an MLP? What is it’s investment outlook?

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Thanx for prompt response. Some zealots urge physical possession of any precious metal but whom to trust as intermediary supplier - Sprott, Casey, ???[...]

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