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I’m a new Irregular so please pardon me if this has been covered. What is the story on Simon Black and his ”Sovereign Man” newsletter. Reading it makes me as nervous than Stansberry. I tend to turn away from fear mongering but don’t want to be an ostrich to my own detriment. Any insight on […]

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On Friday File: Tesla, Facebook, India and Marijuana... Disjointed Thoughts Following a Disruptive Week

Yes, politicians should be fair game for considerate comment but simply calling someone an AH hardly elevates the conversation and reveals a particular lack of intellectual depth. This is a forum for investors. Plenty other places to go and rage, jazzman[...]

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On Whither Facebook?

We all want to make money in the market and FB has presented the opportunity. As an aging curmudgeon I find the company, business model, impact on society, and particularly the CEO, who embodies the most disdainful characteristics of the millennials, compl[...]

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On Friday File -- CRIUF, MPW, AAPL and more.

If one is to be conscionable with their stock picks, avoid AAPL. Steve Jobs is gone, thank heaven, as he destroyed the world with his creative, yet mind numbing products. Legions of hipster hypocrites protesting during Occupy Wall Street movement recorded [...]

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On Microblog: Aging: What’s All This about Preventing or Slowing It Down?

You eat, you die. You don't eat, you die. I'd rather eat.[...]

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On NuCable: "Company That's About to Kill Cable Television"

I had Direct TV and switched to VZ Fios. Not as good a picture, deplorable customer service. Would go back to Direct TV in a heartbeat if they offered internet. Recently had a Kafkaesque experience waiting on hold for over 3/4 hour only to learn that if I[...]

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On Revealed: "Top 3 Stocks For the Small Cap Surge!"

Agreed and I use it as well. However, they are quite aggressive at pitching their investment service. I listened and considered their approach which is similar to passive index investing but instead use industry sectors. They claim this method has outperf[...]

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