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According to Keith Kaplan, TradeSmith’s CEO, “The Mother of all Crashes is Coming.” He claims his “VQ” indicator will yield the *exact day* the stock market is going to crash. His super-secret VQ indicator appears to be just volatility rank, and he makes some rather wild claims, including that the ideas behind this came from […]

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On Casey's "Dangerous IMF Agenda to 'Reset' the U.S. Dollar"

Yeah, this is really well done. Exactly why I joined. The discussion about gold was an unexpected education. Thank you.[...]

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On Motley Fool Pro

This service is closed now, and it happened pretty quickly. I signed up for 3 years for $2500 under a promotional rate and received MF Options as a bonus, and it was useful under Jeff Fischer's guidance. Their descriptions of options diagonals and "poor ma[...]

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On American Association of Individual Investors

I paid to become a "lifetime member" about 15 years ago, and used it primarily for its stock screening service which was quite good. There would be a page describing their methodology, and then a page showing "passing companies" that passed the screen. The[...]

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On Motley Fool Stock Advisor

I've been in MF Stock Advisor for about 15 years and it has been a solid, legit service. Their analysis is top-notch, no-doubt, and it's probably worth the $199 per year they now charge for it, but a few policies just finally tipped me over the edge and I [...]

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