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Smith Micro Software (SMSI)

Mark Gomes also offers free stock analysis and collaboration: Smith Micro Software is working on a deal with Sprint for a parental control app called Safe and Found. If successful, Mark says SMSI will multiply many times: And Sprint and T-Mobile may be merging: Disclosure: Long SMSI

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On Microblog: Smith Micro Software (SMSI)
I still own it too. Bought most of mine last March between $1.50 and $2, and represents about half of my invested assets with the remainder in gold mining stocks. (80%s of my total assets are in real estate so the concentration isn't as big as it appears[...]
On Fool's "Next Netflix" Pitched as "Best IPO I've Ever Seen"
I don't know Saint Stephen. If I lose with the Fool's picks, I blame myself for not diversifying enough or trading too much. Their flagship, Stock Advisor, has tripled the market since its inception early this century. Best -[...]
On Casey: "March 31, 2018: New Legal Ruling Will Send Gold Higher Than Bitcoin"
My gold / silver mining advisor says CDE is solid, which I own. PAAS also is but a bit richly valued.[...]
On Friday File: Buying ID and Overpaying for cash, Checking up on some insurers
And Motley Fool too. Thanks for the helpful analysis.[...]
On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"
I signed up with Gemini some time ago but haven't traded yet. I believe they are SEC regulated.[...]
On Fool's "Potential 'Backdoor' to Bitcoin Profits" Pick
Agora will eventually respond and refund.[...]
On Solving the "Day of the Great Blockchain Collision" tease
This piece from SA is educational and offers guidance for the crypto beginner (I'm long OSTK):[...]
On Fool's "Potential 'Backdoor' to Bitcoin Profits" Pick
Also look at OSTK and their tZero blockchain platform -[...]
On Friday File: Gold, Shop and China
Travis, Somabull over at SA is very competent on his gold analysis. SAND is one of his top 20 picks.[...]
On Friday File: Hurricane Insurance, Gold, and GE
This ETF has 7% bitcoin in it:[...]

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