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Got some spam about these advertising a newsletter called ’The Near Future Report.’ A few details are revealed; you can find the pitch here: For the first one, one of the mentions ’Project Titan.’ But that is an Apple initiative so I doubt that is the key clue. I also think we can rule […]

I tried out the ”whole enchilada” package with the Hilary Kramer services; they have titles like ”High Octane Trader,” and ”Game Changers.” Well, I used the advice, and started losing money. The options recommendations in particular were poor; some made money but several lost and the losers were much more detrimental than the winners were […]

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On Microblog: Bonner's new tease: 'Self-Driving Cars: The Single Best Way to Profit This Year' and 'How to Get Rich on Tesla’s Gigafactory —Without Buying Tesla.'

You'll get a better answer if you start a separate thread with that thought.[...]

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On Hodge's "November 1: New FDA Mandate Sends This Device Into EVERY Restaurant in America"

I've been looking at this one carefully ladies and gents, and I think it's worth a $1k balloon float. Here's why. I'm a physician, and similar devices for medical diagnoses are having a hard time getting traction. One of these is the Biofire, which can[...]

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