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Small Addition Triggered

Just a quick note that this morning a limit order that I’ve had sitting in my account for a while triggered, and as a result I boosted my holdings in Berkshire Hathaway by about 20% (yes, I’m a small investor so these are the B shares — BRK.B in most quote systems). The company is […]

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On When in doubt, throw in some boobs (Steve Christ's "One Company Can Grow New Organs" teaser)
Well put! [...]
On Could the "Fourth Element" Make You a Fortune?
That may be the push behind the offering, then -- from what I saw the filing on Sept. 12 was for a maximum of $8 million: Go to Comment »
On Could the "Fourth Element" Make You a Fortune?
That "Last stock you'll ever need" bit from Patrick Cox is about Star Scientific (CIGX), the pitch has been circulating in that form for several months and he's touted CIGX for quite a while -- extremely volatile stock. Article her[...]
On Could the "Fourth Element" Make You a Fortune?
Yes, OI has indeed been outstanding during much of the last decade -- good picks and a great tailwind from increasing commodity prices (most of the time). I don't know the track record for King's Energy and Scarcity, which is a much more expensi[...]
On Could the "Fourth Element" Make You a Fortune?
Can't blame you for feeling that way, Geoff -- but it's human nature, that 1% of the time that something is real (or real-ish) keeps folks receptive to the promise of sudden wealth. Hope and greed are hardwired in -- as is, of course, the tenden[...]
On "Rare Substance Hidden in the Forest of Southern Sweden"
We certainly weren't promoting Stans Energy, though it was being touted by Byron King over the Winter -- my last comments about it are here: h[...]
On "Deception, Inc." -- profiting from the "World's Largest Con Game"
Good point -- lots of their volume comes through the API for their trading system, so presumably from the algorithmic rapid traders, so if the regulators succeed in putting brakes on that business the exchanges and folks like Icap could potentially see a h[...]
On Profit from "Little Emperors" (or promoted Chinese ag stocks?)
Thanks for the comments, advantedges and Jennifer -- I research what seems interesting and follow the thread as far back as I can, sometimes the teases turn out to be nearly as promising as the marketer implies, sometimes the story is very different ... an[...]
On Profit from "Little Emperors" (or promoted Chinese ag stocks?)
Doesn't sound like me -- but if you are bullish on the dollar there are some ETFs that will give you exposure to the dollar vs. an index of other currencies. One is the Dollar Bull ETF from Powershares, info at[...]
On "Rare Substance Hidden in the Forest of Southern Sweden"
I'm not recommending anything -- those older picks of Robinson's were from July 2010, not 2011, so they're all up nicely from his first recommendation though they're certainly down over the last several months. [...]

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