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Retired Electronics Engineer interested in increasing retirement savings and proctecting my savings from destruction by inflation.

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I have been thinking of taking a portion of my bond fund investment making 6% dividends and moving it to a foreign currency(s) basket to provide protection from inflation of the USD. Does anyone have knowledge of what funds I should consider? Is this a wise thing to do?

Heard a teaser today for a potentially big pay off new Gold mine in Idaho. Key points were that is selling below $2.00 and had 160 million $ cap. Can you elaborate on this and any other Gold or Silver investments worth holding. Do you think we are about to enter a major inflationary period […]

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On What's that "New '$39 Computer' Hitting U.S. Markets?"

Sure was a lot of hype to come to no conclusion. I usually read these starting with the conclusion. As usual, I did not read the whole article. Unlike most of your work which is exceptional, there was nothing in this one for me.[...]

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On Unraveled: "Warren Buffett's Worst Nightmare" pitch from the Motley Fool

In 1955 we had tv and there were no close stations. The nearest was 90 miles away. A huge antenna pole provided a snowy picture but we were so happy when the first test pattern came on. Later there were 3 stations within 50 miles and we had lots of TV. We [...]

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On Who's getting rich from "The $33 Billion Gold Chip Mandate?"

I just got my first card but it has a silver chip! Should I be concerned?[...]

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On Who's getting rich from "The $33 Billion Gold Chip Mandate?"

I just got my first card but it has a silver chip! Should I be conserned?[...]

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On "Shakeout Victims" From Harry Dent

Anything Radio Shack sells can be found on the internet. I am partial to bying on for their quality products, warrenty, and prices. I recently bought a garden hose from them which blew off its end cap in a week after it arrived. Contacted Amazo[...]

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On Microblog: Plan for economic crash

I am conserned about any accet backed by the US dollar. This currency could inflate very fast when people loose confidence in the USD. The traditional way to reduce the impact is precious metals, investments not in USD, and land to mention a few. Anyone ha[...]

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On "It’s the Most Profitable Energy Company in the World... And You’ve Never Heard of It"

There is a low risk way to make lots of income with minimum down side potential. I have been using it the last 10 years. This is the Municipal and industrial bond market. It is been possible to make 6% tax free with little risk of loss. It is a buy and hol[...]

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On "The New Face of Touchscreens... under-the-radar American company"

Symbol for Unipixel is UNXL.[...]

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On Microblog: The Elevation Group

I too am interested in finding out more about "wal-tirement" investments. Anyone know where this can be found without being inundated with info I don't want?[...]

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