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Travis, there used to be an easy way to search the site to see if you had done an article on a particular topic. That feature does not appear to work any longer, even for your Irregulars. Any suggestions? Thanks, John

I asked my IRA manager what his plans are to prepare my IRA for the upcoming fiscal cliff impacts beginning January 1, 2103. He said, ”stay the course, maintain our current diversifiction and allocations.” My gut is telling me to withdraw all of the investments except the gold, silver and Kinder Morgan positions and park […]

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On Alex Green's "No. 1 Stock in 2019" -- $3 "Single Stock Retirement Plan" trading under a "Secret Name"

Travis, as always a thoughtful review. Based on your identification of HNHPF's dismal labor history and doubts about it having enogh leverage to bend the arc of its profitability a bit more upward, your advice to watch and see makes great sense and to do s[...]

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