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Cannabis and Energy

I was reading a little about Cannabis and energy being similar to the gold and pick/shovel scenario. If you had sold picks, shovels, pans etc. you would have made a fortune but most gold miners ended up broke. The premise I read with energy was due to the fact that energy is half the cost […]


This company was featured in a teaser in 2011. I picked up some info that makes it sound pretty good at this time including the purchase of some technology and settlement of some lawsuits. If anyone is interested in hearing more let me know. Would also be interested in why this info from True Alpha […]

They Said It Would Never Happen

Stansberry & Assoc. teased a pick and shovel company in the oil sector last week. The reasoning is what intrigued me. They said there are over 20 billion barrells of oil in each of the 5 new oil shale plays in the US. The effects will bring cheap energy to the US. Factories and jobs […]

Marine Drive Mobile

This came from one of those free spam type posts I get but for some reason I read it today.  MDMC is able to put out coupons to your phone by knowing where your at.  For example a golf course could send out a coupon to everyone at their location offering some sort of discount.  […]

Graphene pump Navalier

The tiny, less-than-$100 million company I recently uncovered doesn’t mine the revolutionary material or even use it to produce consumer products — it designs and manufactures the tools and instruments researchers and manufacturers rely on to bring this transformative new compound to market. Anyone have any ideas on this one.

Covered Calls

After reading about covered calls I really am becoming interested in giving it a shot. My problem is identifying stocks to try this on. I don’t have a large account so at best I can only buy 1 or 2 options. When I look at the premiums they barely are large enough to make any […]

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On Microblog: "America First" Alpha ETF teased by Nicholas Vardy
I've done well with marijuana stocks by getting in early but all my latest investments are down. I think had I gone with just the ETF I would be farther ahead. That's why I'm interested in this topic.[...]
On Microblog: These 4 IPOs Could Unleash Up to $12 Billion in New Wealth in January
On another thread of this topic someone mentioned slang. It'a supposed to IPO on the Canadian exchange today. Not sure when it will hit OTC. I think province brands is one also. I wonder if its the same one Ian Wyatt is touting?[...]
On Microblog: 420 Investors
Does anyone know what company they're calling the "McDonalds of Cannabis"?[...]
On Microblog: 3 Pot stocks for Michael Robinsons Radical Technology Profits
Village Farms JV with Emerald Therapeutics is Pure Sun Farms. So do you buy VFF or Emerald? I think the 3rd teaser is Cannabix.[...]
On Microblog: Michael Robinson's latest pitch about the new Oct 17th Marijuana Millionaires Law ---What 3 Canadian Pot Stocks is he Teasing??
I think the first teaser is Village Farms International. The have a JV with Emerald Health Therapeutics called PureSunFarms. The next could be Canopy, Aurora, or Aphria, The 3rd teaser I would guess is Cannabix.[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mingle
Medical Marijuana As A Potential Breast Cancer Treatment ... darkwebnews.com/drugs/medical-marijuana-potential-breast-cancer-treatment/[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mingle
Just using google I ran into this: Zelda Therapeutics a medical cannabis biotechnology company has revealed medical marijuana as a quite potential breast cancer treatment option. Marijuana. Marijuana is the name given to the dried buds of Cannabis sativa p[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mingle
If this is Mengels latest on the cure for breast cancer I can't figure it out either. Can't imagine something as newsworthy as breast cancer wouldn't draw more attention.[...]
On Microblog: 2.00 dollar pot stock Anheiser plans to buy
was just checking that out myself. there's lots of small pot stocks around.[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mengel's Marijuana Manifesto
there are a couple teasers from marijuana manifesto. I was thinking of the Oxy teaser recently when I mentioned Emblem. I saw that teaser today. I agree the Silicon Valley of Pot can only be TRTC.[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mengel Project IVXX, Apple of Pot
I bought into TRTC before Jan 1 hoping for a legislation bump. Never happened. Almost 1B shares outstanding make it tough I guess. What will happen by July 1, 2018 that will make this pop?[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mengel's Marijuana Manifesto
I would be interested in this as well.[...]
On Microblog: Jimmy Mengel's Marijuana Manifesto
The time released product is Emblem . "Emblem Announces Exclusive Agreement with Canntab Therapeutics for Cannabinoid Based Oral Sustained Release Formulation" Go to Emblem Therapeutics website and check it out.[...]
On Night Trader, The
I would be curious to see if it works as well. Seems too good to be true.[...]
On Microblog: I'm looking for some prospects on the canadian cannibis front, there has been a push to purchase these
New Cannabis Ventures has a website and app for your phone. Lots of good breaking news.[...]
On Microblog: I'm looking for some prospects on the canadian cannibis front, there has been a push to purchase these
I also want to add the Horzons ETF has all the major Canadian Cannabis companies with less volatility.[...]
On Microblog: I'm looking for some prospects on the canadian cannibis front, there has been a push to purchase these
I own Canopy Growth, Namaste, and Terra Tech. Canada is ripe for investment in Cannabis. They will legalize at the federal level by July 1, 2018 and you almost can't miss. Aphria, Aurora, and Medreleaf fill out the top 4 with Canopy. Canopy also has par[...]
On "Three Tiny Pot Stocks to Surge on Imminent April 20 Announcement"
These stocks have done nothing but go down lately. I picked up TWMJF when Jimmy put it out in the Crow's Nest. Legislation to legalize cannabis was actually tabled yesterday 4/13 but as I understand it has to be read 2 or 3 times. If you go to Yahoo Fin[...]
On Microblog: Ian Wyatt's #1 Marijuana IPO of 2017
Looking for this one myself.[...]
On Microblog: GSIT
I expected this to crash after being talked up again but its still moving. Here is a little about the technology I took off a message; GSI Technology, Inc. to Present at the Global Predictive Analytics Conference 1:37 pm ET March 16, 2017 (Market Wire) [...]

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