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AMBCF or Till Capital??

I own some shares of AMBCF and discovered recently that Till Capital more or less swallowed them up. Till Capital trades on the TSX Venture Exchange at least that is what I read. Haven’t seen any actual trading volume or anything like that. From what I read it seems as if one should get shares […]

Buy opportunity Markel (MKL)?

Hi Travis and the Irregulars, just wondered if anybody has some thoughts on Markel (Mkl). They dropped pretty bad (10%) recently after buying out Alterra Capital Holdings. Shareholders seem unhappy about that. I have been watching them since Travis bought them and introduced them to us. So I wonder if this is a great buy […]

Making money with facebook!

Hi! I am also kind of new at this and was wondering how one should play the ipo of facebook which is about to happen soon. I am planing to buy some shares and see where the ride goes. Usually it seems to go up first, at least for some time. Anybody has some ideas […]

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On Friday File: Marijuana Burning
Thank so much for this very detailed and thoughtful Fridayfile. The way you have answered this questions about 5 G investments and the other stuff, just excellent. It was at least a handful of questions that you answered so gracefully and I am sure that[...]
On What's the $6 Stock Pitched by Jeff Brown for the "#1 Tech Pick of the Decade: The 'C-V2X' Revolution?"
Weicome back Travis... !!![...]
On What's the "Artificial Intelligence 'Stealth ID' Technology" Stock Being Teased by Outsider Club?
VSBLTY the symbol for U.S. OTC is VSBGF.[...]
On A Cube, a Metal Pole, and an "Absolute Killing"
Travis, I like to subscribe to this article but there is no way to subscribe. No little box that i could click. Does it effect everyone or just me? Great article as usual. So glad I went back into Qualcome. A while ago I was quite frustrated becaus[...]
On What's Sovereign Man's "Highest Conviction Idea in Years?"
PSHZF is up about 30% since Jan.2. of this year. (from $12.65 to $16,79) That is quite impressive, but I am wondering how long will this move last. Perhaps putting it on my watch list. Thanks Travis.[...]
On What's Koyfman's "Perfect $0.30 Pot Stock?" (Formerly the "Perfect $1 Pot Stock")
Just read the 'Irregualars Quick Take' and you get exactly that. Of course you have to log in as Irregular first to be able to read it.[...]
On Friday File: Apple and NVIDIA get Ugly
The last sentence of your statement hit a home run with my wishful thinking![...]
On Friday File, part two: One Post-Earnings Buy and Other Updates
Thanks Travis, since i liked your analysis of PINC i decided to buy some 2 days ago. Perfect timing so far.[...]
On Friday File: Turmoil in Tech-Land, earningspalooza continues, plus some small buys and a couple new watchlist stocks
Thanks Travis. It is always great to hear your take on things. I did a few moves myself yesterday. Finally got rid of QCOM, just got tired of waiting for some change. But who knows, I will be watching for some future development. I added some FB ag[...]
On Friday File: Possible Panic, Possible Buys and Sells
Hi Travis and friends, Cintron Research was at it again .... (SHOP) ... Apparently he connects SHOP to FB and it seems that is enough to take 10% of anybody these days... perhaps larger drop expected ..... i see it as buying opportunity this time.... [...]
On Friday File: Annual Review Continued, including two Buys
Hi Travis, also have trouble receiving my Friday files and updates from your portfolio. Checked my spam and there is nothing in the spam either. I have noticed before that friday files did not arrive here in my email account, but somehow managed with [...]
On Friday File Part Two: Annual Review
Thanks Travis! As usual excellent work. I am very grateful for your sharing and caring. I am especially pleased with your opinions on what to invest in and how you arrived at your conclusions. And please let nobody tell you that you have changed your[...]
On Stock Gumshoe
I've been an irregular for at least 6 years ....still find it exceptional value and great service, among many other positive attributes i could mention here. I believe most gummies(guests or irregulars alike) don't come here because of your ' outstandi[...]
On Friday File: Copper, Growth, and the Cool Comfort of Certainty
Thanks Travis, extremely helpful and fully appreciated your view of the world and the markets. I wonder if you have any idea how brilliant your work is and that your 'blathering' is what a lot of your subscribers and guests are greatful for. Danke![...]
On Friday File: Uranium, Growth and Earnings Updates (plus one buy)
Hi Travis, i believe there is something wrong with the 'Click here to subscribe' link. I always got sent to Page not found page. Oherwise very content with all that you are doing for us here at Stock Gumshoe! Thanks![...]
On "By March 19, 2019 Donald Trump Could 'Reboot' the U.S. Dollar" sez Jim Rickards
Excellent discussion....brilliant writing , Travis. Thanks for sharing everyone....[...]
On Friday File: Two Buys, Two Stop Loss Triggers, and earnings updates
Hi Travis, what's your take on the Broadcom-Qualcom deal? I have been holding on to my QCOM position for a while now and this seems to be a nice break. Do not exactly understand if i should hold or sell perhaps... The deal might not likely come to pass [...]
On Friday File: "Green California Goes Dark" CO-27 pitch, plus Portfolio Updates
Thanks Travis, as usual your thoughts on things calm me down a bit. Esp. your thinking on SHOP and Citron's attack. I sold most of my position yesterday because i do not want to worry so bad about the outcome of this attack. I lost one time big time[...]
On Friday File: Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and other portfolio updates
Thanks Travis, always a pleasure and very insightful to listen to your thoughts. Love the way you are doing your Friday files. Thanks to you I got back into FB and GOOG and do not regret it.[...]
On Friday File: "Cash for Patriots," plus some Gumshoe Sentiment as vacation begins
if you don't know, I'll tell you....my guess is that the company they are tlkong about is... SHOP....never heard of it...? just google and find out more...of course I could be wrong.... only it sounds just like it.... by thw way I like SHOP and own some [...]

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