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Any thoughts on stock market today?

After Bernanke’s speech about pulling stimulus off the market, it has been quite a roller coaster, what does everyone think about that? I have been saving up for the stimulus or some kind of event to trigger the pull back for quite some time and I think that the time has come, but I would […]

Starter stock recommendation?

Hello My name is John and I am from Canada. I have been greatly interested in stock investing and I have been keeping a simulation account for about 6 months in TSLA, BNS, SWY, MCD, INTC, SAND and few other stocks and it has performed relatively well. And now, as I have recently graduated and […]

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On Microblog: When's the good investment entry point for upcoming recession?
Thank you for the input. I have small position in sand storm and had been holding on to them for awhile. I will look in to nugt and jnug as well.[...]
On Friday File: Earnings Season in Full Swing
Thank you for your insight. What do you think about JNJ? I think it's quite a compelling buy at this price point.[...]
On Microblog: When's the good investment entry point for upcoming recession?
Thank you for your wisdom Travis. I've been working approximately 13 hours daily for past 4 years and now I am taking some time off and looking more things to do. But, it certainly has gotten expensive. It's good to be back as an irregulars though! :)[...]
On Microblog: When's the good investment entry point for upcoming recession?
Anyone? Travis?[...]
On "The Little-Known Canadian Stock That’s Made Investors 48 Times Their Money— And Is Just Getting Started"
I see Kimchi, Koryo, Thai express, Mr. Sub, Yogen Fruz, Tacotime, Koya and Jugo Juice around B.C. area quite often. Thai express is present in most major malls in greater Vancouver areas. Jugo Juice was quite big as they went into all the major skytrain [...]
On P.S., I just bought a few shares
How big is your position in NOV at this point? Are you experimenting with the stock?[...]
On Doubling up on Hospitals
Thank you Travis :)[...]
On Doubling up on Hospitals
What is better? Buying a stock before or after ex-dividend?[...]
On Doubling up on Hospitals
MPW dropped huge today. I went in today.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron — A Historic American Treasure
Hello Myron, What do you think about your past stock recommendation: MUN: haven't been performing that will. It seems like it's on moving trend somewhat.. VTI: Did you end up buying more of the share? BXE: bumped up nicely today over the material rese[...]
On Selling an Old Favorite, We're Too Early in the Cycle
I was thinking the same thing. The stock has become risky. Have you looked into coal related companies?[...]
On Annual Review -- TARP Warrants
One question I have is how do you buy warrant? I use questrade.com and I reside in Canada. I am very curious about warrants as I love listening to your ideas and I want to try warrants this time. But, tickers doesn't work on my system and I don't kno[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—Rare Earths, Colored Diamonds and Graphite
I bought BXE when it was 6.62 few months back and it's been doing great.[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—October is Prospect Generator Month
Thank you Myron. This is my first time trading penny stocks and I wasn't too sure about the time frame and your reply helped me a lot. Are you planning to increase the position in VTI then?[...]
On Microblog: A Young Canadian Investor's Question
You don't really have to worry about counter-party risk. I do suggest however you look into opening an account at discount brokerage such as questrade.com trading commission is one of the cheapest in Canada. But, if you are 19 years old, I am assuming y[...]
On Microblog: Thoughts from Myron—October is Prospect Generator Month
Another great piece to read :) I have accumulated gold and silver bullion for past 1 year and I think I would continue to do so. I have a question for you Myron. I bought both Mudoro Capital (MUN) and Valdor Technology International (VTI) from your earl[...]
On "America's $2.89 Trillion Super Weapon Revealed!"
Like other fellow stockgumshoe users said, I don't think ADBE will be a high performer. Their recent subscription model caused many loyal users upset and I myself decided to stay with their older version. Their subscription model may create constant cash[...]
On Microblog: Does anyone hold Valdor Technology International (VTI)?
Thank you guys. Let's see what happens. I will try to be more patient with it.[...]
On Microblog: has anyone ever heard of "Bitcoin"
Bitcoin had it's glory days. It was much easier to "mine" as there weren't as many users involved. But, now not so much. You need a good computing power and it isn't cheap to make a build now as there are much more people involved in it.[...]
On Microblog: Sandstorm Metals down 50% for the year (YTD)
Ya, it took a plunge and it's as bad as SAND. (I own SND) I couldn't find much news about it either and my best guess is it's just following the curve of it's sibling, SAND.[...]

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