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On Microblog: Recommendations on how to learn how to trade options?
I'm getting into options too with Option Alpha. Option Animal and Simpler Options. The first 2 have tons of video and PDFs about trading.[...]
On Microblog: A Major Turning Point on the Horizon?
Hi Myron Thanks for the great info. Any thoughts in IAG? Appreciate your work.[...]
On The "Green Light" Trade Again, Uranium Update, and some Buys and Sells in my Portfolio
Frank Curzio just did a great interview of Mr. Katusa and UEC. I give Katusa kudos for his passion and commitment to the company. I've was watching it today at $1.35 but did not bite.[...]
On Microblog: Sunshine Profits - Przemysław Radomski
Update: The last few weeks Sunshine has absolutely killed it on the shorting gold, silver and the miners. They recommended DUST ( inverse 3x miner ETF ) in the high teens and it's gone from $19ish to over $35 today. I love them. They offer 7 day free trial[...]
On Kent Moors' "Trade Just Hit Green Light Status"
I'd love to see an options guru set up some trades for us on this site.[...]
On Kent Moors' "Trade Just Hit Green Light Status"
I recently came across 'Optionsalpha' to learn options. Site got good reviews and lots of free training stuff. Also Steady Options looks like a Good site too. I'd love to see some options traders here on this site set up some trades for us.[...]
On Microblog: Sunshine Profits - Przemysław Radomski
I was gonna jump in for whole enchilada at $179/month. I likely will do the 21 days of oil alerts for $1 first and perhaps the 21 days of metal alerts too for another $1. Not entirely sure. They do a 7 day free trial, give them a look and let me know what [...]
On Microblog: Recommended Newsletters
Are you a current Oxford Club member? $79 for the year seems almost as reasonable as Gumshoe at $49. Thank you.[...]
On Microblog: Recommended Newsletters
I recently subscribed to Agora Jim Rickards but will be canceling for the 90% refund. I have no knowledge of any of the others.[...]
On Microblog: Jim Rickards` Impact System
Just got the book...[...]
On Microblog: Jim Rickards` Impact System
Interesting thread.[...]

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