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Have any readers used this service and what Crypto’s are they recommending? Both of these guys are smart but $$$ and the service can have a way of influencing buying recommendations? I have several positions that have done very well but I’m always looking for different perspectives. Thanks Hollis

Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader Starlink presentation!! Does anyone have any idea which company this $15 stock is and more importantly how likely is it that Elon would’nt just purchase it outright? If he hasnt already? Thanks Hollis

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On Microblog: Luke Lango's and Charlie Schrems Ultimate Crypto Hype

Kazito, I would love to know Jeff’s latest recommendations on his crypto buys! All of a sudden he’s swimming in a different pool which is somewhat interesting. Thx Hollis[...]

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On Friday File: Quarterly Miscellany, including GAN, PSTH, NVDA, SE, KEYS and BOMN

Thanks Travis great info!![...]

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