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On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
I will be interested in the company, not just as a possible investment, but also to look into whether or not to add it to my existing solar system ( from SunPower) here in SoCal. My guess is that the contribution from moonshine is trivial (overall increa[...]
On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
Solaredge Technologies Inc is certainly doing ok right now but is it the "small company"?[...]
On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
Isn't Solar Reserve a private company?[...]
On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
Can't wait![...]
On A Look at the Promise of Gene Editing
What a terrific article! This is the best explanation, for the layman, of this fascinating subject and the remarkable strides that the scientists are making in gene 'editing'. Of course, we are all relieved that Emily is thriving and that treatment and era[...]
On Microblog: Next Canophy Growth by Jimmy Mengel
The 5g who leading the surge[...]
On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research
Outstanding research and commentary--best guide to avoiding the negative influences of investment hype on the planet.[...]
On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research
I clicked on Vivian's photo, to ask her if she was married. Which took me to GLOBAL INVESTING, which looked like some good information. I registered to get their weekly report[...]
On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research
Nickel deposits? Seems like a lot of claims claiming to be the biggest nickel deposit. There is also a massive nickel deposit in Glacier Bay National Park. The drilling was done in the late 60s. The claim is now owned by the University of Alaska. The recor[...]
On Ray Blanco's "Halo-Fi" -- What's his teased "Death to Cable" stock?
Thanks for the insights, I thought the idea too good to be true, now I read it has been around for a while. I am glad I saved the money by NOT subscribing to Blanco's newletter.[...]
On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research
A lot of gold and diamonds in them mines....mining won't stop in S. Africa, too much there. Yes, there will be conflicts of course.[...]
On What's Stansberry's "This Keystone Technology Will Spark the Next Industrial Revolution?"
This is interesting to note. I received a Stansberry pitch yesterday that begins very much like this 5G pitch - it's going to revolutionize the world. However, this time he is pitching Bitcoin and other alt-cryptocurrencies. By sharing this link, I am [...]
On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
I think it'll be Humless Energy out of Liddon, Utah, because of their partnership with ABB and their DC-AC converter. I've reached out to them to see if it's possible to invest in them. Since I did that yesterday (Saturday), I haven't heard from them yet. [...]
On 2019 Turkey of the Year
So with regard to your - excellent - choice for Turkey of the Year $EMHTF ... not even made better with an after-holiday Moistener and cranberry sauce ... think it's definitely a sell for tax loss - if in a taxable account - or is it worth holding on to? A[...]
On Microblog: Chris Rowe's services, Sector Focus, Sector Prophet and/or Technical Analysis Millionaire
Folks, and all you would be millionaires, I have been through the wars, scarred, wounded and crippled; but still fighting. If you are willing to pay for advice you have not learned enough. Personal education is the key to investing or trading. Newslet[...]
On Retirement Trader
Dean, can you give us an update--did you stay with the service? How did the other trades go over the past year of 2019? How many winners/losers? Did you make money? How much difficulty & trouble did you encounter? Gratefully, George[...]
On Microblog: angels + entrepreneurs network
You are spot on Sue. One benefit is many A&E investor groups have formed locally . Now you can meet up with other like minded peeps in your city/metro area and discuss different ventures. I also joined in August 2019, then had my email blow up with m[...]
On Microblog: Dark Burst Device
At $83 per share from$30 in Feb looks like investors bought on the passing of the legislation.[...]
On A Look at the Promise of Gene Editing
It is not a stock they are pushing. It is a new service covering stocks related to augmented reality. T288 is an Apple project for augmented reality devices. The service is advertised with a $1,995 regular cost but if you signed up early you could get i[...]
On Microblog: How to Make Millions in Silver
Hi What’s a monster box? A large safe ? Thanks DR[...]

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