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I have been following Northern Dynasty Minerals NDM.TO for updates on their huge “Pebble” Copper/Gold mine in Alaska. It is a HUGE no go for me and I suggest everyone should avoid so as not to lose your money. See article link below https://www.nrdc.org/experts/joel-reynolds/pebble-mine-investors-beware

I already subscribe to Investment Newsletters by Matthew McCall and Louis Navellier but now they are hyping their 9 hypergrowth stock picks for 2021 with a $2000+ membership. I was hoping that as a member of their newsletters, I would receive this information but no. Anyone have ideas of the 9 hypergrowth stock picks for […]

Does anyone know what Project Xi is as mentioned by Brownstone Research. https://secure.brownstoneresearch.com/?cid=MKT485063&eid=MKT488533&encryptedSnaid=0rv0%2FLFle7rr0jV%2FAchUUZn7KWYudm0K7f2R1iRwdmc%3D&snaid=SAC0017539393&step=start&emailjobid=4821903&emailname=200908-BBD-Free-BNF-Project-Eleven-Ded&assetId=AST149676&page=2

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On DeHaemer's "Spatial Computing" Pitch -- Which Stocks are Teased?

The company is VUZI. I am and B and B member[...]

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On “New IPO Gold Royalty Stock Is My Next 1,000% Winner”

I purchased Nomad NSR.TO and have enjoyed watching it rise while other mining stocks and royalties have fallen. I will be purchasing more.[...]

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On Microblog: Casey Research's John Pangere 5G pitch

This seems like something that most Stockgumshoe readers would be interested in knowing. Perhaps Travis will do a review of this and others might jump in![...]

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On More About COVID-19: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?

Hi Tom M. Respect to a man who does not have his head buried in the sand. Covid recovery has been documented at 99.9% yet there is a world wide lock down that is crushing economies and causing more damage and deaths than Covid ever could. People can contin[...]

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On Microblog: Jeff Brown’s 3 Penny-IPO stocks

I bough EDIT and watched the stock drop immediately.[...]

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On Friday File: Songs, Fixes, and the Fool's "5G Supercycle"

100% agreed. Biden is suffering from serious Dementia and if he manages to make it to the election will quickly be replaced by Harris who is simply a puppet for those that will be really running things into the ground.[...]

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On Microblog: Jeffs Bio Stock

Hi Infinity Beyond, Your message sounds like an advertisement for the Jeff Brown subscription. If you really want to share more than just his promotional video, how about confirming the stock name; "appears to be is not very solid.[...]

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