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Now that Europe has joined the QE club, I think that investments in the PM sector will soar. I know that it will be a very jumpy ride and the art of making money will be determined by getting in at he right time and not be too gready (get out before this bubble bursts). […]

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On Doc Gumshoe – COVID-19 Miscellany, May 2020

Abivax has a ABX 464 covid-19 in phase 2b/3 with 1000 people in a blind test. If it works ok there is hope that there will be less complications in the case one fetches the virus[...]

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On What's Chris Wood touting as "The #1 Ten-Bagger Biotech Play for 2020?"

I thtoght Moderna would be the winner of this race to profit! Another one is Abivxax with their ABX 464 Covidv pill that are ino a phase 2b/3 stage prfroproval.[...]

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On Updated Look: Leeb's "Devastating 5G Flaw Exposed" Teaser Pitch

The last fool is not born yet. That is what makes teasing a great business.[...]

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On Will "Blue Gas" be the "Tesla Killer?"

A danish company is building a factory for fuelcells, fiirst order is for 50.000 fuelcelles! So the fuelcelle is npt dead.[...]

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On Solving Hodge's "The #1 Gold Stock of the Next Decade" Tease

In a world with negative interest rates gold will shine one day. Just not yet! US rates are positive and the USD will be the winner also in a depression with negative rates in Europe and else where. Gold is in for a mayor drop in value untill it reaches a[...]

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On Stansberry's Teased Pick for "New Arms Race" to "Save the Internet"

Now I know why there a no storytellers like the brothers Grimm or HC Andersen today. They are all employed by the Stansberry folks.[...]

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On Elon Musk's Worst Nightmare - Unprepared for "Tesla Killer," sez Casey Research

I think Tesla will prefer a North American mining operation. As far as I remember Royal Nickel has a large deposit of battery grade Nickel.[...]

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On Sleuthifying Cabot's "U.S.-China rivalry will soon send this secret $1 stock soaring" Pitch

I do not want to invest in Lynas because Malaysia is just as tough to deal with as Indonesia. The chinese have bought up mines around the world to make safe that they control the market for rare earths. The biggest find is Kvanefjeld in Greenland owned by [...]

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On Rickards: "This $0.70 Crypto Game Changer Could Make You a FORTUNE in 2018… Starting Next Monday"

In short, Agora bullshit![...]

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On What the heck is "NanoCrystal Electricity?" Will it "Magically Power Everything" and "pay out 78 times your money?"

No wonder there are no fairy tale writers anymore. There are a lot more money in writing "teasers".[...]

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On Population and Health: Not Just Our Own Health, But the Health of the Planet!

It is hard to predict, especially about the future. But Michael Jorrin is correct in his analysis apart from some of the numbers regarding migrants. Only about 15-20% are from Syria, the rest are economic migrants.[...]

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On Friday File: "Cash for Patriots," plus some Gumshoe Sentiment as vacation begins

Lousy weather, but the people are nice. That helps a lot![...]

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On Here We Go Again! Another Plot to Suppress Life-Saving Cures!

Flim Flam has always been profitable. Fools are in abundase![...]

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On The Miracle Cures Keep Coming 

Once again a "true believer" as there are no facts to the claims about a miracle cure. This time not a HC Andersen version, this one is a "Brothers Grimm".[...]

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On Casey's "Why Are Trump Insiders Pouring Millions Into This Mysterious Energy?" Pitch

No wonder that there are no new H.C.Andersens writing fairytales. They are being grabbed up by Agora & Co![...]

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On Such A Pleasant Stay

Very sharp analysis. Price matters to insuranse Co. and the list price of Novo´s products is very high. They give out high rebates but it is more a political problem than anything else. Having only one leg to stand on (almost) makes them vulnarable. The n[...]

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On "Gold Trigger" from Stansberry

As usd is the best horse in the glue factory there is no doubt that the dollar will rise. When the dollar goes up in value and a december rate rise on top of that, gold is bound to drop in value. So investing in gold/stocks is a bit early in my opinion.[...]

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On What's Jim Rickards' pitch for "Electrum" really about?

The person that wrote this teaser is maybe the next hans Christian Andersen?[...]

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On "Private Offering" for next "Multi-Billion Dollar Gold Venture" from Money Map

Gold stocks are being overbought. Brexit? If one follows politics like I do this will turn out good in the long run. GB is so tangeled in that they can only leave by going down the drain. (it will take at least ?10 years to get rid of the common market law[...]

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On Schaefer's "How To Beat The Saudis At Their Own Game" Pitch

I totally agree with Craig Davis. The kurdish based expoloration has but one BIG problem. Politics! If the kurds get their dream come through, an independent Kurdistan could be a mayor force both as supplier and economically. It is a long shot![...]

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