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On 2019 Turkey of the Year
Happy Thanksgiving Travis. Thanking you for all the great articles.[...]
On Friday File: Earningspalooza Overload -- Two Sells, Four Buys and a dozen updates
FYI Innovative Industrial closes sale-leaseback with Green Thumb[...]
On Motley Fool Issues Rare “Home Run Buy” Alert
Recent insider sale, not much, but in case you’re wondering. The Trade Desk Inc (TTD) CFO Paul Ross Sold $546,028 of Shares CFO of The Trade Desk Inc (30-Year Financial, Insider Trades) Paul Ross (insider trades) sold 2,682 shares of TTD on 11/05/201[...]
On Friday File: Time to Buy the Data Center Growth Story Again?
I've resorted to only buy what Travis buys, and what insiders are buying . I'll either buy the stock out right, or Sell Puts for the Premiums. Has worked out very well.[...]
On Cancer: the Changing Landscape in 2019
Cancer is not limited to an unhealthy lifestyle. I've known two people in my life that ate a 100% organic diet, didn't smoke or drink alcohol. Rarely went in the sun without protection. One was a professional athlete. One cannot avoid getting Cancer thro[...]
On Friday File: Buying a "Bad to Less Bad" REIT, Plus Updates on TTD and IIPR
Yes, thanks Travis for the heads up on ZAYO. I bought a block when you did and sold a day after you did. Very good call. Going to buy OPI tomorrow.[...]
On Friday File: Selling and Buying in Big Insurance and Data Centers, and some Quarterly Updates
Remorse is selling 100 shares of MKL, Markel that I bought at $375.00 and selling them all at $776... only to continue to $1000. That’s the definition of remorse.[...]
On Yastine's "The Next $ 1 Trillion Industry" pitch -- what's "The Most Critical Technology in the World Today?"
Thanks Travis. The only cyber security stock I have is an ETF named HACK. I purchased it a day after it was listed and it was a no brainer speculation bet that has paid off very good.[...]
On "Top Stock Under $3?" What's Carr's teased "America's #1 Pot Stock?"
Goin g to MedMen is like going to an Apple Store. Sleek showcases allow you to see, sniff and buy based on what you’re looking for. The first time I visited the store in WEHO, CA, I asked if it was a privately held company, and low and behold, here we ar[...]
On Stansberry Pacific's "Most Impressive Find" Thinkolated -- 670% gains coming?
Reminds me of getting cereal...without the milk.[...]
On Fool's "Bezos is Dumping $970 Million into a Bizarre ‘2nd Coming of Netflix’…"
You can cover he whole gamut and buy shares in the ETF, ESPO from VanEck. Trading today at around $30 and the management fee isn’t too much. My Tencent worth...or eh hem, my thoughts.[...]
On "Potential FDA Approval could change your life" pitch from Matt McCall
So I’m assuming you saw what EDITA did yesterday after CEO steps down[...]
On "Retire on one $4 stock?" Profits Run teases this is "like buying Berkshire Hathaway back in 1967!"
I believe it’s supposed to be $500,000,000, with an M.[...]
On Cabot's "Secret Stock" -- 6.1% Dividend, Anyone?
Im thinking if you can’t beat em’ May as well join em’. In that if you don’t like smoking, as I am in that camp... you can still profit from the companies that produce cigarettes. Same as my organic diet, as I hate Chemically laced food...but I’m[...]
On Solving Fool's "Betting $523,059.77 on Tom's top pick for 2019" teaser
Michael, be cautious when buying Penny Stocks. A majority of them show no financials and aren’t regulated the same way as, say something like AAPL. Also, just because you buy it, doesn’t necessarily mean you can sell when you want to, because of the v[...]
On Friday File: Tracking Half a Year of Teasers
Yes Travis...enjoy your time away. And thanks again for that IQ call. Bought at $18.98.[...]
On Stutman's "New 5G technology will soon be available to every American household" Pitch
Nokia (NOK) comes to mind. Also Travis, a sincere thank you for covering IQ. I got in just under $19 and popped bigtime yesterday and it appears to be going higher today (Pre-Market. An easy double in approximately 3 weeks. Great work, thank you![...]
On Friday Unlock Bonus: "Bud Takes Over Tiny Pot Stock?"
Breaking news...Trump likely to support bill to end the Federal ban on marijuana. I’m buying today.[...]
On Ask a Stupid Question...
What is the meaning of love? Kidding Travis. Thanks for all of your research and helpful information.[...]
On What's "The Netflix of Medicine" Being Teased by Technology & Opportunity?
Times are changing...who would have thought about a cashless society two centuries ago?[...]

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