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On Friday File: Time to Buy the Data Center Growth Story Again?
Hi Travis, thank you as always for your honest and expert thoughts. Talking about falling stocks , what are your thoughts about TTD? Is it justified hang on to it? Best regards,[...]
On Motley Fool's "Like Buying McDonald's in 1965" Stock
Dear Travis and Eleellee, Thank you! Rachel[...]
On Motley Fool's "Like Buying McDonald's in 1965" Stock
Dear Travis and fellow Gumshoers, Being rather new in investing, I would very much appreciate your views on investing in ETFs for tower REITS (such as AMT, CCI) and EQUIX. Travis mentioned VNQ, and SRVR. Would you please let me know what you think ab[...]
On Can you Really "Tap Into" the "Social Security 'Catastrophe Plan?'"
Oops, it is IAU for gold, not AUI as I miswrote in my message.[...]
On Can you Really "Tap Into" the "Social Security 'Catastrophe Plan?'"
I am 68 and new to investing with about $300K capital (2/3 in IRA). I have enjoyed reading Travis for quite some time but unfortunately without having the courage to jump-in the water until about 3 months ago. At my age I should be very cautious with the[...]
On Friday File: "Trophy Assets"
Hi Travis, Enjoy your well deserved vacation with your family ! We will be here to greet you when you are back on July 26. Best!!!![...]
On Microblog: What 3 stocks is Paul Mampilly pitching in his latest “ 37 trillion dollar tech boom?
I also emailed you Greg. I look forward to hear from you :-) Rachel[...]
On What's the $6 Stock Pitched by Jeff Brown for the "#1 Tech Pick of the Decade: The 'C-V2X' Revolution?"
Hello, have seen this link to china in multiple comments but it has not been possible to reach that website through Safari or Chrome. Any advice? Or better yet, could you provide the list of the top 10 automotive stocks you mentioned? Thank y[...]
On Frank Curzio shot with "Batman"/"Air Cuff" Device to tease a Stock -- which one?
This rookie (me) just purchased 150 shares to keep for a long time to come :-)[...]
On "Retire on one $4 stock?" Profits Run teases this is "like buying Berkshire Hathaway back in 1967!"
"Medicare for All" will not be able to provide proper health care even for young people? What do you think they will do for old people? They will set up committees to decide if your grandparents, or you, are cost effective/worth treating at age 75+ Noth[...]
On "Retire on one $4 stock?" Profits Run teases this is "like buying Berkshire Hathaway back in 1967!"
Travis, do you think buying BRK.B (the real deal!) now at $214 would be a sound decision? Buffet apparently said that he may repurchase $100 BIL of its shares back. What would that do to for the shareholders? The stock went up but lags behind the S&P50[...]
On Rapid Response: The Israeli Cure for All Cancers? And a Postscript on Opioids
Antisemitism/BDS is the oldest social disease in the world and unfortunately there is no cure for that "cancer". If you are "not touching anything that comes from there" you must stop using your smart phone, your computer, voicemail, internet, as Israel i[...]
On Somewhere Between "The Next Aspirin" and "An Ingredient in Curry"
Thank you for the analysis and the many informative comments. What I could not find: which make of curcumin was teased by Al Sears as $1 pill, and more importantly which two brands were found to be "not fraudulent" in the study that was mentioned in the a[...]
On Updated: Can Americans now collect "Federal Rent Checks?"
OMG Is there anything left in this country that is not about race? What does race have to do with an investment you are free to make or not to make...[...]
On Will Keith Fitz-Gerald's "X-Pattern" Drive this Stock Up?
They say they will tout 2-3 buys per month. This means they promise 30 winners out of about 36.[...]

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