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AAII new newsletter, Dividend Investing

Has anyone else gotten AAII’s email about $99 for a one year subscription (price goes up Tuesday after Memorial Day),money-back after 3 months, for new newsletter ”Dividend Investing”? Is it actually new? Does anyone have any experience with AAII. American Association of Individual Investors?

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On "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil" (Dr. Kent Moors)
That's an interesting strategy. I assume we are not the first to think about it, but I did a quickie Internet search and didn't see proof that others invest that way.[...]
On "This New Fuel will Kill Big Oil" (Dr. Kent Moors)
That's an interesting strategy. I wondered how many others were talking about that. I did a quick search on the Internet, variations on "advisor says buy stock so you short it" but didn't retrieve anything useful.[...]
On Microblog: Porter Stansberry Credit opportunities
I wonder how often Stansberry retires a newsletter and replaces it with another, forcing subscribers to pay again or lose out.[...]
On Microblog: Porter Stansberry Credit opportunities
I just got Stansberry's Credit Opportunities November 2015 letter. He's recommending Natural Resource Partners NRP, with a bond due in 2018, trading at $75 now (meaning $750). He suggests creating a "synthetic convertible bond" by also buying some common s[...]
On "The Greatest Leap of Mankind... Unlimited FREE Energy" (Dr. Kent Moors' Picks Revealed)
That Forbes list link led to only five stocks, and the timeline under each was for 2011. Heartland Payment Systems HPY Krispy Kreme doughnuts KKD Hot Topic HOTT Zumiez ZUMS Steiner Leisure STNR Does anyone know what the other five stocks were?[...]

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