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Happy Friday Gumshoes! My inbox has been inundated with Navellier and Fry talking about the “Technochasm”, and how its the thing that will make or break portfolios for years to come. They are touting a “small group of stocks” that will be the biggest winners of this Technochasm event. Any ideas? Thanks

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On Friday File: Nibbling on the Way Down

Thank you Travis - “...the budget for Tums and Johnnie Walker here at Gumshoe HQ is only so large” encapsulates the overall mood perfectly.[...]

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On Vaccines – Past, Present, and Future

Always appreciate Michael’s perspective. The details are interesting. I first saw the Cotton Mather story on Stansberry , and their right-leaning posts and medical opinions are often annoying, especially after the assertion that having Covid makes [...]

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On 2020 Turkey of the Year

THANK YOU TRAVIS. I always enjoy your writing and inevitably learn something too. Hope your holiday is safe and peaceful.[...]

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On What's up with Stansberry's "ARE YOU PREPARED TO OPT OUT OF AMERICA?"

I have had the same experience but Coinbase has a pretty good primer on its website.[...]

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On Doc Gumshoe – COVID-19 Miscellany, May 2020

Michael - unfortunately there are haters and wackadoodles in every segment of society, and the behavior of the current federal administration has emboldened many of them. Pay them no mind. Your post was fine! Every investment discussion is at its core [...]

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On Help Others & Help Stock Gumshoe -- 2019 Charitable Membership Drive

Same here. Already a member but would be glad to pitch in.[...]

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